Oldest P Company pass??

Simple, who/what age was the oldest bloke to pass P Company so far?

(this might be a Wah)
TA anaesthetist in Chelmsford passed his at the ripe old age of 45. I will say however him and physical fitness are in harmony. Mad as a bag of ferrets :p

Ozduke said:
P for Prostate?
Often underestimated the prostate...surely the driving force of all men!

F*ck me 45....nails!

edited for altzheimers.
dog_eatin_ot_chips said:
Simple, who/what age was the oldest bloke to pass P Company so far?

(this might be a Wah)
I expect the oldest bloke to have passed P Company is prob dead now.

BT. :wink:
One of the managing directors of my company passed it as a 40 year old major
Raises the question, does the likes of P Coy age range their passmarks ? I'm not trying in any way to take anything from these lads just curious over wheter it is

It has nothing what so ever on me doing 9.22 on my PFT with 60 pressups at 38 and dreaming of airborne glory at all.......honest
Well I'm having a crack at it this year and I'm 30. Even quit smoking last week to give meself a better chance!
Could anyone give me a general idea of the pass/fail percentage of a typical course, I'd like an idea of what I'm in for.


This is good this.....45, 40, 30 yrs old (good luck titsinatophat) everything is easier once yer bin the fags (err........so to speak).

Right wheres that TA application.....Nurse........Nurse...wheres my stick!!??

Haha, the comedy value of the Paras` docu is excellent too, "I wanted to fly in the sky and jump out off aeroplanes sergeant"!!
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