Oldest New Recruit Youve Run Across

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brick, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. So about a year or two ago the maximum recruitment age got hiked up to 33 I think it was. Just wondering what the oldest new recruit people have run across since then? Have many people have taken advantage of the move?

    I know it's a weird question but it came up out of a semi-drunken conversation this evening and now I'm interested. God these spell check thingies are useful. :)
  2. 42 year old ex RHF Cpl Depot instuctor re joining into TA.
    Several other rejoiners through several recruit courses.

    All 100% form word go.
  3. i know alot of people who think tha 23+ is TOO old nowadays
  4. At lichfield we had a 25 year old guy when i was there, and the other troop at the same place in training had a 26 and a 27 year old i believe, think the eldest guy left though
  5. Might be good if they had different max age depending on the fitness needed? Maybe they do already. Older bods in jobs that don't require as much running about?
  6. Had a 25 year old in 1989. He was the oldest by 19 months but the fastest around a BFT.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I was 34 when I went back to do TA basic at Grantham
    There was no reduction in times for us oldies we just charged round with everyone else
    I don't think I was oldest by a long chalk either
  8. following on from this thread what is the oldest age still serving (regular) not including ruperts
    ie oldest cpl, sgt etc
  9. No 1 T.R.R.E Hove, 1960, guy joined wearing his U.N Korea and G.S.M
  10. Had a 35 year old dude in my platoon when I signed up. Nice guy really. Considering he could do three miles in less than sixteen minutes. Quite impressive, I thought, till I found out he had been in the olympics.

    He is still in, last time I heard, and apparently he is still doing less than sixteen minutes a mile.

    The fecker.
  11. Top you all

    we have a 42 yr old with no prior experience going through training now


    I have run accross a 47 yr with no prior exp in the same boat, this is a different unit and I am unsure if the are still in the process as they would have to go though ADSC, our guy just made it under the tape so to speak
  12. Is that backwards? Carrying a large bag of spuds?
  13. I had a 31-year old in one of my troops at Lympstone. He also had a degree in physics and his previous jobs was as an aerodynamics specialist for Maclaren. Which is about as close to rocket scientist as you get.

    Unfortunately he was gash and he got binned at about week 13.
  14. That's great that, that's really great. Thanks. 8O

    As if I wasn't age concious enough already :)