Oldest McDonalds Worker

In the Sun today it states that Bill Dudley aged 85 is the burger bars oldest worker....what it doesn't state is that he's a veteran of the Arctic Convoys and more that he's my Uncle.
He spent a fair bit of time on HMS Nairana and was torpedoed on various other ships. Sneaky old bugger kept this one quiet.

Fair play to him though, when the yobs come in he usually sly'ly clips 'em with his shovel sized hands!



Who is the man in the mask?
Fibber. Zoro wears a cape. My money is on the Lone Ranger. Best regards and respect to your uncle!
px4llp said:
Shhh.........JD on the QT......
JD on the piss more like :lol:


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eodmatt said:
Who is the man in the mask?
What mask ?
JD always looks like that.
I am in the process of reading "Lost Voices of the Royal Navy" at the moment and the piece by Lt Bill Johnson, who was Capt Walker's secretary, tells of the operations of the 2nd Escort Group of which HMS Nairana was one of the two escort carriers, much respect for your Uncle Bill.
jarrod248 said:
Christ two minutes and he appears, that must be a record. I think theis board has some sort of alarm at Tropper HQ, if anyone types his name alarm bells start ringing and klaxons sounding.
When are you dull F**kers going to get it, My skin is tougher than a Rhino's in fact it's been prooven to be bullet proof, well almost
I think he's taking breakfast.
eodmatt said:
I think he's taking breakfast.
No I'm not, I was copying a crash report on the Harrier thread


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So that's Question Time, the Grays Lane pics and now this; JD, is that the only tie you own?

jack-daniels said:
jarrod248 said:
ted-stryker said:
He had an extra breakfast from Mcdonalds in honour of JD's uncle.
I hope JD's uncle wasn't a bit grumpy when he served him, we don't want a repeat of Tescogate.
Whats this Tescogate you speak of?
Tropper was standing the lottery Q in Tescos Cardiff and started touching girl guides, police was called he accused tescos of ruining his chances of getting his thunder ball and touching a hairless twatt.....so he got a gripe on tescos

My old man's got parkinsons, he went to McD's ordered a big mac...the server says want a shake with that.....he turns around and says cheeky shite....

Good on yer uncle JD

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