Oldest Kit still in general use....

I put my specs on, my Jewellers glass and I cannot find one . She needs a straw to drink that beer, I wonder if my Mrs would copy it, mind you would need loads of gaffa to roll them up :p


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At the back of my bathroom cabinet there is a tin of issue foot powder (40+ years old). Never used it, obviously, but keep it 'just in case '.
At the back of my bathroom cabinet there is a tin of issue foot powder (40+ years old). Never used it, obviously, but keep it 'just in case '.
I hope it's still good as that was good stuff

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Heavy Girder Bridge: On the 3 May 45 the railway bridge over the River Oste at Hechthausen in Germany was destroyed and would have been reinstated by Royal Engineers Army Troops and it is still exists today, seeking to confirm which unit built it, the railway from Hamburg to Cuxhaven was double track, however became single track before and after this bridge, Deutsche Bahn now intend to upgrade the line from Stade to Cuxhaven with overhead electrification and believe this bridge will be replaced.
Sorry to be a spotter but that’s not an HGB. The HGB is an ‘equipment’ bridge made out of prefabricated sections. It’s basically a Bailey Bridge on steroids. This one is riveted which suggests it’s been built in place.

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Yep. Can’t help it...:)
Once a Sapper........I often wonder if I’m the only person who crosses Sydney Harbour Bridge every day working out how to demolish it. I don’t fancy dangling strings of hayricks off the top cord of the bowstring.

Hayricks; another ancient piece of kit. Are they still in service???


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It’s not Bailey; the panels, transoms and decking are wrong and it looks too wide. IMHO it’s a commercial bridge; probably a version of the Mabey Johnson support bridge.
The Bailey bridge replacing it is adjacent.
The Bailey bridge replacing it is adjacent.
Again, it’s a probably a Mabey Johnson rather than an actual Bailey. The materials are different and Bailey is always painted*. Mabey bridges tend to be ‘au naturele’.

* True dit: the Army used to employ a herd of Chunkies at Long Marston camp purely to paint Bailey panels. With 2” brushes. The sappers used to send YO to visit the place and one of us asked said Chunkies why they were only using 2” brushes, to which the answer was “well sir, if we did that we’d finish early” (whilst stood in a hangar full of Bailey panels that looked like the final scene of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’).
The Bailey bridge replacing it is adjacent.
That’s the one I’m talking about. The suspension bridge pre-dates Bailey by forty years.

The “new” bridge is not Bailey. It’s galvanised, too wide even to be EWBB, the transoms are too deep in web section and have no carrying handle slots, there are no transom clamps, the deck is aluminium, the panels are too tall and the junction posts over the pier are too big.

it’s also only 31 years old; my guess, like @bob_the_bomb’s is Mabey & Johnson but I think Braithwaites we’re making a similar Bailey derivative in the 90s.

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