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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bumhole, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. What the oldest bit of kit you found in general use? (Not historical memorabilia, I mean general crap in everyday use)

    I was shocked in Australia (in the late 80s) to find an armory full of Brens dated 1942. My Landie at the time was built in 1962 making it older (and better looking) than my wife....

    Im not knocking old kit, and a lot of stuff thats now gone to the scrapyard was IMHO far better then what replaced it.

    Just curious to know the experience of others......
  2. The beret?
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  3. You'll probably find it's the first aid satchel or a stretcher.
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  4. There are some pretty ancient prismatic compasses and binos out there still.


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  5. Quite a few of our .50cal HMGs were dated 1952 when I left last year. Been converted to QCB though.
  6. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    RN ships still have some 1950s navigation equipment. Things like star globes, sextants and Stuarts Distance Readers. I had a 1948 1inch signal flare gun on my PLR once.
  7. I would say the Stretcher, has not changed design since world WW1!!

    Maybe the 432, over 50 years old and have had their life extended!!

    GS Blankets!!
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  8. When on a Engineer Project back in 1981 I was issued a RE Blacksmiths tool kit inside some of the tongs new and still with protective pitch were 1890's dated I expect if you trawled trough some stores you will find some old gear. Just saved a 1916 dated triple snatch block from the skip and it had a 2003 dated inspection tag on it.
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  9. I think '303rifleman' wins the door prize with the 1800's blacksmith tools!!!!! That is some history there imagine the stores that tool kit has sat in......;D

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  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    mod attitudes haven't changed in 200 years does that count.
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  11. We used to get issued with 'emergency' ration tins that had a layer of the darkest, bitterest chocolate ever. G10 Rum must be pretty ancient because I've never come across a QM that has ever authorised its issue!
  12. Stretchers have changed considerably, that said we did have some on Herrick 12 that were still the wooden/canvas ones.

    The mess tin hasn't changed much.

    In 2001 I found a 1940's field dressing in Berengaria med centre, and they wondered why I didn't believe they'd checked all their kit properly.
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  13. Oh and agree on the 432 Mk1 petrol panzer and the Humber Pig was a WW2 vehicle rehashed for Descant.

    Perhaps the Navy can claim the oldest Ship's Crew with (IIRC) Timothy who was serving in the Crimea and only recently died, he was the ship's Giant Tortoise. I like to think if he was around today he'd be an RAF PTI, at least they'd be able to keep up with him.
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  14. I suppose the Nelson Inhaler and that mask for delivering ether as an anaesthetic (can't remember the proper name) must be pretty ancient.

    Does anyone know if Aspergum is still available?
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  15. My 432 was 1956, it was on its mark 2 stage, we said goodbye to it after spending a month getting it ready, it went on the back of a low loader, saw it again last year, it had been completely stripped out and rebuilt, and is now a Bulldog, it looked beautiful, new engine, steering.

    We took the final drive of and found a spanner in there before sending it off.

    In fact thinking about it one of the A Mechs had his grandads imperial spanner that was used in the second world war,