Oldest item of clothing that you still wear.................

Come on own up. What is the oldest item of clothing, civvy or military that you still wear on a regular basis? and why?
By the way mine is a pair of $4 wranglers i bought in BATUS 7 yrs ago!
19yr old barbour because it keeps me dry at looks ok with a suit when i occasionly have to wear one oh and it makes me look grown up :D
Right now, wearing a pair of shoes bought for wearing to work about 15 years ago and still looking perfect. Must be the amount of Parade Gloss that has gone on them. My tie today is one I bought about 25 years ago. Everything else is quite new, thanks to ever increasing middle age spread. If only I didn't enjoy my food so much.
My beret, 20 years old this october.
Mrs Baggy........32 years ago in Hohne.
Has worn well and not lost her once........... :mrgreen:
I'm going to regret this...

KF shirt, issued 1975 and dated 1971. The collar frayed, but I got the missus to turn it upside down. It's starting to get a bit thin, so I may have to start wearing the one I "found" in 1980. Unlike my favourite, the "new" one is green.
KF shirts = Flagellation. Very depraved indeed puttees!


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My grandad's farm jacket. Thick waxy style, bit like barbour - but not.

It'll be 60 years old on his birthday next Sunday, pretty frayed, but warm and snuggly. Even smells like the old bu*ger too!
My Barbour as well, 17 years old , smells of sweat , dirt , gun oil and horses. I love it. As does a female of my acquaintance....

It gets you moist burd, admit it :D
Jungle boots - with green canvass sides. Must be about 17 years old now. 'Green' is now blackish due to mongy polishing. No tread left so only worn in summer as I shuffle from desk to desk. As comfortable as fcuk.
'96 3 Lions T shirt. Robbed it off a girl I had a fling with on holiday in Benidorm. Those were the days.....
Harbouring fluff around your foreskin doesn't count as clothing i'm afraid!
TheBigUn said:
Harbouring fluff around your foreskin doesn't count as clothing i'm afraid!
Not even if you describe it as a "felt willy scarf?"
Like most a Barbour Jacket that I've had for 15 Years, Mine smells of stale beer and fags. We don't do the countyside as it smells :p
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