Oldest French WW1 veteran died today Nov.10

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fantassin, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Born on December 25, 1894, Maurice Floquet was mobilized in September 1914, aged 19, and was incorporated into the 26e regiment of infantry. He took part in the first engagements in the Somme, where he was wounded. On September 25, 1915, he was wounded a second time, during an attack in the Marne sector. Seriously wounded in the head and left arm by grenade fragments, he was twice trepaned, losing the use of an ear and having to undergo several grafts.

    After a long hospitalization, he finished the war in an arms factory in Sochaux, in the Doubs departement. Turned over to civilian life in September 1919, he then ran a garage in the Haute-Marne region until his retirement, in 1952. He then settled in the Var region.

    He died aged 111, the oldest French veteran


    Only four veterans of WW1 left in France now from 142 in 2000. Maurice Riffaud, 107, will be the only veteran under the Arc de Triophe tomorrow in Paris with Chirac who announced some time ago that the last veteran to die would be given a state funeral.
  2. RIP

    Seems like the French are gonna get something right for once