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Oldest bit of "New" Kit youve been issued?

Once in sunny Canada in 1982 we were issued a new desert cam net from stores still sealed in hessian and tied with string. It was covered in stores labels but the oldest one read "Alexandria Depot 1942" on it. Made us laugh until we had to put the thing up for the first time and all the bl@ody poles went through the damned thing complete with the mushroom 'spreaders'.

Anyone beat that?
GDav said:
Ceremonial jacket - dated 1908. Wellington boots dated 1935.
Love the wellies they beat me by a country mile!

On temp issue I once was issued a Hussar busby(?) for ceremonial duties which also had the date 1908 on it. Got married with those standard issue swords the QM had and they were about the same time. Sword lasted a lot longer than the marriage any-hoo :roll:
Getting a good busby was like finding hens teeth. I can never remember the dates on the swords but as they were 1908 pattern I don't think it would be hard to guess LOL
Signed for a pair of blues / mess dress trousers from the QM's with the name
LT Mark Phillips on the label .Princess Annes ex left the unit in 72 .Not that old
and a little off thread i know .
A trooper named `Tan`,sadly now passed on,once left Lt Phillps´s Parka hanging on the side of a Chieftain over Naafi break,.........................................the owner was still inside it! :oops:
Finally figured out how to post... sloghtly at a tangent, but I took this photo onboard HMS Victory. It is a piece of kit over 200 years old, identical to the pigs tail used by mortars.
When I was civvy armstoreman in Bovvy we had 3 water cooled Vickers .303 MG's, still in prez with Gallipoli and Liverpool labels on them and dated 1917 8O
Doing a stores muster in RN shore establishment in 1993. Going through small items including sealed bag of buttons - several of them had the old 'Kings' crown (I know, there isn't really a Kings or Queens crown, just which one the monarch choses to wear) on them so must have dated from the early '50s.

About the same time there was a arge issue of envelopes at a UPO in a major Portsmouth Naval establishment. All going well until the Master at Arms points out to the Chief Writer that they all had "On His Majesty's Service" on them. Cue CWtr running around recovering envelopes.

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