I'm sure this has been done before but I couldn't find it so.
I was sitting in hospital for about 6 hours yesterday listening to an oldish bloke boring all around him with his time spent in the Army in Berlin during the fifties and he literally refused to stop talking about it. Initally I was quite interested as I do like to here about how it was way back and how things have changed but in the end I had to be rude and stick my ipod on. So now to my point, I now that we are down to the last couple of WW1 vetrans and I just wondered how interesting this site is to previous generatons of soldier and who is the most geriatric amongst us. I'm sure its not me I'm only 35.
What's that eh? Speak up, that exploding shell at the Alma practically deafened me in my right ear...Young Wellesly, wellington do they call him now? He always used to see me coming into the mess and shout "Here comes Gramps!" Cheeky young rip - a bit like that fellow Granby - going baldheaded eh? Well we're all going baldheaded now ha-ha...
Not me - but I know D******r was a boy in 1949, which would make him about 71. There most be older claimants to the title "Father of the Arrse".
oldbaldy said:
OldRedCap said:
Moodybitch said:
What about old red cap - he's ancient
Born Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex 15 August 1933. Not only old but Essex Lad to boot.
Makes me a sprog :D
Makes the vast majority of pensioners in this country a sprog i would think. Both my Grandads were Essex boys, and they both had a bloody good innings, must be something in the air.
Actually, I am a member of a group comprised of former WOI SIB. Seven of us all together. Five of them older than me. We keep in touch through a closed forum. Almost everyone posts every day. The chat would sometimes make the NAAFI look like the Thrift Shop. There is no problem faced by the govt to which we do not have the solution. I do not think there is another Essex bloke in the group. I'm not going to invite any of them to come on here - I rather like the idea of (possibly?) being the oldest git on here.


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Thank F*** for that. I was starting to believe Harry Webster about being old when I am merely middle aged at 55 & 3/4s 8O
Thank feck 55 3/4 is middle aged.

38 in July so I was starting to believe that I was middle aged.

Now I know I am still a sprog and can still happily act like the 22 year old I am in my mind, without anyone going 'look at that sad middle aged old bstard'
I seem to remember a poll on regimental numbers being run sometime ago? More than a few of those that took part had numbers of 2389 or earlier. That being the case, there are many that post who will be at least in their early 60’s. :mrgreen:
I have - as they used to say - caused enquiries to be made. Oldest guy in my little group was born in 1928 and still sharp as a tin tack. Another - born 1931 - was with me in Canal Zone in 1952 and we have full recollection of events and personalities of that time.
So, it does really seem that age shall not weary them. I don't know what the secret is but my Grandfather - who was WOII in the Army Service Corps in 1914 - used to tell me that the answer was to eat and drink with men, sleep with women and pray to God to keep your bowels open.

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