Oldest Age Gap Between you and a partner

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lance_Comical, Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. This can include long term & short term relationships and one night stands.

    My biggest age gap is 20 years :eek:
  2. Who was the older one Lance?

    Just recently split up from a 29 year old man.
    I'm 42...yup that's 13 years my junior :wink:
  3. She was forty four, twenty years my senior, just a one off, but we are friends.

    So you are into 'toyboys'? :wink:
  4. Not at all ..but he was 29..ex army..a fitness instructor...cute... and he was well into me..well it would have simply been churlish to say no :lol: :wink:
  5. She was 49, I was only 17 and a half. She worked at the Mon Cherie Brothel in Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin. The relationship was frantic and exciting but alas, shortlived (over in about 10 minutes I recall). When I look back, I'm sure she was only after my money. Bitch. :cry:
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Ma_Sonic, I do believe you've missed an opportunity here.... :wink:
  7. Indeed he did msr..I keep setting up the funny nicely for 'em and half the time it's missed :roll: ..must be the heat 8) :wink:
  8. I had a 16 year old girlfriend in Ireland. I was 28 or 29 at the time. She knocked me socks off !!

    Ma, did you ever go next door to the Blue Angel? A girl in there called 'Tina No Knickers'. Don't know why she was called that.....
  9. A 'young' Gunner (all of early 20s) did marry an old lady he met in Canada - she must have been 50 in the shade and came complete with ready made teenaged family in tow.
    She made her appearance at a social function one day soon after their nuptuals and the BSM said to the intrepid young Gunner (loud enough for all assembled to p!ss thenselves laughing) "Gnr xxxxxxx so nice of you to bring your mother and your brothers and sisters" :lol: :lol:
  10. Ma, how did you manage to last ten minutes? At that age ten seconds would have been good for me!

    :lol: :lol:
  11. She was 25 years older than me as well,but looked about 30 at the time. She lived in a very nice part of the smoke,class act, had even been to a party thrown by Picasso. Her father was a famous Pilot, yep, she was roughing it by her standards :D

    Got spoilt, taken to nice places ,Lots of pressies all gratefully received.

    Christ, I was a shallow, dreadful bastard. I'm not particularly proud of that episode of my life. The final straw was a casual remark by me, at the Top Gun premiere in Leicester Square (She was connected as well as loaded) , that I wouldn't mind a watch like Cruise was wearing for my birthday. Birthday arrived, as did a very very serious chronograph, which was a shade south of 2 grand. I just couldn't do it anymore, I think I grew a conscience.

    Still, she was gorgeous, Blonde, leggy and went like a train.

    In the other direction, 15 years. She was just a very intelligent, tight bodied brunette, huge eyed gorgeous pixie-looking filth bucket. God knows, if she ever reappeared in my life, I'd be in mortal danger of being unfaithful to the future Mrs. PTP :evil:
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I am distressed to think I shared the same bath water with you, Ma, but at least I may have had the last laugh- I always pi$$ed in it before I was chucked out! You couldn't beat waking hungover in the morning smelling of bubble bath!
  13. Gunny, I remember Tina!! She was a little dumpy Turkish thing with short bleached hair!! Gawd....it's all flooding back. She was from Ankara and had a flat down just off the main road between TH Platz and the Zoo BAhn hof. What a girl! Never charged me a pfennig........she was brill!
  14. If the opportunity ever arose my dear......it wouldn't be the only thing that did :wink:
  15. Pissed in the bath frequently old man! One of the lads farted in it once and followed through......we were banned for months! Great days! :lol: