older women

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tankie88, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. nothing wrong with older women :wink:
  2. Well done mate, a truely sucsessful topic, what a waste of fcuking space.

    Moderator, any chance you can get rid of this shite?
  3. thank you for your concern,

    now the 3 mods on this forum should be able to mange to make a decision after your encouraging and helpful question :wink:
  4. Didnt we just have this topic?

    OI Tankie check out the naafi and the boards in there, before you post you muppet!!
  5. You necky cnut!

    You've only been here a month and racked up 190 posts of shite.
  6. Tis true mooch has not been around long, may not be true that i am new myself!! :wink:
  7. Believe me Mooch, given the history of this site, you do not want to say things like that.
  8. Did we think your old alias was a cnut too?
  9. I would like to say a big sorry to tankie,
    It is a fair one that although i am enthusiastic about arrse and have made over 200 posts in a short space of time, i am still a new boy.
    this is and always will be my only posting name.
    I was feeling the heat for some reason and felt the need to gob off.
    As some of you may remember, i have taken a battering in the past on this sight but i feel i have made amends with some witty comments and gags.
    I am truely humbled and will migrate to the states and pay penance!! :cry:
  10. Where mooch? You got links?? :lol:
  11. not to hand dozy.
    nice to see a smile though, thanks.
    how old are you dozy?
    if you are older than me i could use you as an example of why older women are great!! :twisted:
  12. DozyBint is coming up for 31 thus she will be an older woman for some ARRSErs & a younger woman for others. Either way she is great... :p :lol:
  13. JAILBAIT :lol:
  14. 8O :lol:
  15. After much deliberation i have decided that older are women are great!!

    i mean, my mummy is older isnt she!! :D