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Hi all. I have had a good scout through the site but I have not seen much about people joining the army at a later stage in life, except for some bits on re-elistment, which does not apply to me.

I have a few points that I would appreciate some comments on.

I turned 31 last month and have recently started the application process (filled out on-line application, waiting for phonecall/email/letter). Has anyone here had experience with enlisting for the first time at an older than normal age? My fitness is not, in honesty, great, I am currently only capable of a few heaves and a time of about 12:30 for a mile and a half but I am active and working on that side of things and seeing rapid results. My lower back strength and leg strength is pretty good so as long as I shed a few LB's and get the time down I dont see any real problems with fitness aspect. Will I be expected to show a little more because of age? I appreciate that the army is not looking for superman and is prepared to take people on knowing they can be brought up to a good level through training, but that gets harder as you get older and I could understand them rewquiring a higher level to start with.

I am a little concerned that both at selection and basic my age might be a problem. I guess most recruits are around the 17-21 mark and looking through this site it appears that things like the icebreaker are vital to a recruits chances. Did any of the older guys find it difficult to engage well with the 'kids', people not far off a full generation younger? I'm a pretty outgoing guy who has run a business for a decade but I can see there problems with a gap in age. Are there many older guys that go through selection as a rule? meaning a chance of a few guys my age rather than a group of youngsters?

Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers.

oh, and simply looking at infantry, Royal Reg. of Scotland of possible

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I guess you have life experience which counts for a lot in your ice breaker....my recruiter put someone through who was 30 last november. There will also be the odd 1 or 2 of similar age who are 25 or so, so just mix with them and remember to be a team player!
potentialsoldier27 said:
I'm 28 in june and just started my application. So not far behind you mate.
Where abouts mate? Im going through (I guess) Glasgow, maybe you and I could be a father to all those young whippersnappers :D
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