Older Non-Grad Entrant

Discussion in 'Officers' started by nescafe236, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. From looking through the forums much has been made of the issue around non-grad and graduate entrants the long and short seems to be that you will have a chance to catch up due to a younger entry age if you join as a non grad.

    My problem is that I am very keen to join as a non grad but at the age of 24 (will be 25 before I could get to Sandhurst). I haven’t been messing around with my time though I have had a so far successful career in sales and recruitment but have grown tired of office work and all that it entails and want to go and do something that has always been of high interest to me and join the Army as an RE officer.

    Has anyone decided to do something similar? Am I likely to come up against opposition as this was not my chosen career path from leaving school? Basically is the fact that I am older than most non grad entrants and still a non grad going to create me any problems? Or if I get my head down and show my talents I will be fine.

    PS. I am aware of pay rates, slower promotion ect.
  2. Yep, plenty of folk.

    You'd hope not, no.

    It shouldn't - and you won't be alone.

    Pretty much. And if you've really got talent, you'd be wasted as a plumber. ;)
  3. James, there are plenty of us old farts around aiming for Sandhurst next year so you're not alone by any means. There are quite a few threads on the subject, so have a look around.
    May I give you one piece of advice? If, like me, you want to get cracking with your application asap, then get in touch with your local ACA directly. Whatever you do, don't fill in on online application, or return an 'Army Interest Form' that you get sent when you request literature. This will send your application via a central processing office; other hopefuls have reported delays of weeks, and even months, before their details were forwarded to their local recruiters. Get the forms from your AFCO, and return them directly; in person, by hand is the best way.
  4. I taught several cadets in a similar boat to you; they were treated no differently to the younger cadets or the graduates. If you are a good bloke and can learn then you will get on fine. Good luck.