Older men , Younger Girls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by semper, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. in response to the "Younger Men, Older Women" thread i have started this thread.

    the biggest gap i have ever dated was when i was 31 and she was 19, it was a big ego boost for me :D it was fun while it lasted, i knew there was no future in it and so did she, she was wise beyond her age which is probably why it lasted 1 year, which is good going, Hot sex and we taught each other a lot :wink:

    what about you guys ?
    Girls are welcome to add lesbo experience ( purely for research reasons :wink: )

    funny thing about society is that they think its OK for older man, younger woman situation and titter with comments like "Toy Boy" to older Women, younger man situation,

    whats the Difference?
  2. And now you are an ACF Instructor? :?
  3. My gorgeous wife is 11 years younger than me.

    Ooh la la... :D
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, when I was in the ACF there was a late teens female cadet Sgt who had a relationship with a married thirtysomething A.I. Officer.

    Was that you Semper?! 8O
  5. What's the best thing about 18 year old girls?

    No matter how old you get there'll always be 18 year old girls...
  6. before i was an instructor and i would not consider going out with a cadet, you are reading little too much into this, i am talking about ADULTS over age of 18,

    silly boy :roll:

    back to the subject at hand.
  7. Dont be coy Dozy, was the cadet Sgt. you? :wink:
  8. 39, the big four O this year, wifes 25, russian, drop dead gorgeous blonde!!
    f*ckin RESULT!!

    Only as old as the women you feel etc...
  9. Which website did you buy her off :lol:
  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I only got to be a Cpl!! :lol:
  11. Met her whilst working in south korea a couple of years back, me installing electronic tomfoolery on ships, her dancing around a pole in a nightclub in the smallest G-String ever made!!!

    What man could resist???

    I'd just put a size 9 up the arse of the ex-missus as well, so perfect timing!
  12. I always find I end up with older sorts. I've looked 30 for the last dozen years and sadly, I'm still in my 20s. I too might wander abroad for a bit of young crumpet. Must do it whilst I'm still young enough to raise more than a smile.

    Now, all I have to do is convince the significant other that the Army do need me to go to Cancum during spring break.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Cpl Punishment......?
  14. And what is she getting out of this match made in heaven? A UK passport :p
  15. Gotta love older men all that maturity :lol:

    Definitely cannot go past the older man for sheer riding pleasure. My longer lasting relationships have all been older men. Young guys just do not do it for me at all. Older men have more life experience and intelligence, usually had cars and a license when I was underage (a nice bonus), still had the ability to have fun and be a big kid without getting so wrapped up in trying to be a "grown up" and mature (read boring sod) and also were not living at home with parents which is a BIG plus.

    Mr miz is a very ancient, very crumbly old git. His hair, eyesight and arthritis may not be keeping up with his big kid attitude but he is never boring :wink: