Olde Worlde Chinagraph or New Fangled Lumocolour?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lumpy, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. What best, and what do arrsers recommend?

    Back to the future with chinagraph for marking maps and nyrex, or permanent lumocolour markers, which MAY leave traces on the plastic sheets, ruining them....

    What are the pro's and cons of each?
  2. Speaking as an aged wkpr - use computers they are far easier.

    Otherwise use lumocolour and keep a whiteboard marker handy to remove it.

    Wax pencils went out in the seventies (I should know I was there)
  3. Use a permi lumocolour and have an eraser handy. Not only will whatever you've marked not rub off at the worst possible time but the eraser will easily remove it when you want. If its a bit stubborn, use a bit of fag ash to help. Works every time and you dont have to carry white spirit around with you.
  4. But then again the white spirit did have its uses at moments of stress!
  5. lumocolour is better those chinagraph's are like writing with a wax crayon!

    i find the lynx effect works well on taking off permi pen, even when it is old and dried on!
  6. Obvious poor attempt at a wah.

    Tactical as feck that, eh? :roll:
  7. Faber-Castell OHP PLus 1523 Permanent.

    Waterproof but come with a built in eraser and come away pretty clean on OHP acetate.

    (Pretty Colours too!!)
  8. Its easier to tell when a chinagraph is getting low, esp when you slice the end of your finger off, when trying to sharpen the last inch, (cos I didnt buy the posh ones with the string).
  9. Perm Lumi every time.

    As for getting rid of it, steal some nail polish remover pads from 'er in doors. They are small wet wipe style sheets soaked in white spirt. Compact and handy.
  10. Take both everywhere you go.
    Some cnut will always leave the top off the lumi!
  11. Chinagraph for me, old fashioned I know but it works. :wink:
  12. to be honest if your enemy is close enough smell your nirex i think your've got other problems rather than what you used to clean it!

  13. Collar your friendly medic/nurse with a packet of jaffa cakes, and return with a handful of "steret" pre injection wipes - little 1" square soaked with IPA, best thing in the world for erasing lumocolour pens.
  14. I'll be controversial and opt for the 'Third Way' - rub the nirex pages with a fine sandpaper to lightly score the surface and then use a soft-lead pencil, softer the better. Works like knickers in all weathers, stays on when you need it to but comes off easy for normal daily cleaning.

    Of course the question is, what pencil? 2B or not 2B?

  15. Seconded