Old WexBellian Assoc. Dinner - come on, out of the closet!

Did you get SV's Spam via Friends Reunited?

I did, but wasn't going to pay FriendsR for the info on the dinner... I couldn't find it for free. Anyway, so I spoke to the Chairman (SV) and he asked me to put up this thread:

Here are the details at present: Finally, starting in autumn 2008, it is proposed to hold an inaugural Old Welbexian London Dinner - The first reunion will be held on Friday the 10th of October - Further details will be posted here when they are available.

here is the link

Now the big question is who is going. I'd go if I knew there were guys from 58 Entry going... I'd even pop back to UK

So this is me - CK/58 (Remember PERSEC)

I suppose the following will turn up: All those with a high rank or really flashy medals. Aaaaand those who retired too soon and regret it.

And the following won't: Passed over Majors with a chip.

Anyway Deed done... Dinner advertised. At least at this dinner we might keep the alcohol inside our bodies... unlike last time :oops:

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