Old War Office to be sold off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Another comedy report from the Daily Telegraph.

    The MOD is finally getting rid of OWOB, after many years of it being chronically underused. Naturally reaction from the Telegraph readers is outrage that we're losing our heritage (anyone who has ever suffered in that hole would wonder what heritage they are referring to!), and yet the same readers get outraged when we dont sell land.

    Frankly the sooner the building goes the better, its heyday was many years ago and its in an incredibly poor internal state. Roll on the sale and move to MOD Main Building - at least then all MOD estate (not Army) in London will be in the same location.

    Government to sell Winston Churchill's Old War Office - Telegraph
  2. The interior is wonderful, hidden by plasterboard and metal walls, much like the FCO used to be until the '90s. WIll probably end up as yet another luxury hotel or else Regus offices!
  3. I remember looking at that place when on Queens Life Guard and wondering what the hell went on inside. Not an awful lot by the looks of it.

    I do wonder how daily mail readers will cope with the privatisation of UK SAR and now the selling of OWOB. It'll be interesting to see heart rate figures for middle England tomorrow.
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  4. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    A quid each troops and we could make it the new HQ for ARRSE .
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  5. I used to go there periodically for meetings between 2005-2008; it was a complete dump then, so Christ knows what state it is in now - I used to feel sorry for the guy from DIS that I used to go and see and would occasionally invite him back to our offices for lunch in order to show him that there was life outside of the OWOB.
  6. Its a lovely building, but suffering from 30 years of neglect and underinvestment. At a point when MOD presence in London is massively reduced, there is simply no need for it anymore. I just find it depressing that people complain when we sell stuff on, but complain when we have a large London footprint - what would they like MOD to do?
  7. I wonder whats going to happen when in a few years time the MOD has nothing left to sell, when all the barracks, bases. depots,aircraft and ships are in the hands of private equity groups and the MOD has to lease them back? I don't mind them selling this building or any others it's just a shame the dosh will be soaked up by the benefits system.
    Yes I do read the Daily Mail.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The basement is absolutely riddled with asbestos dust too. Bit of a pain, as many files were archived there. I resume that this will be sorted out before sale, or is it Caveat Emptor in such cases? :)
  9. image.jpg

    All aboard the WD outrage bus!
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  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Too many people think the MoD is an outreach part of the National Trust. That being said, some of its properties are virtually unsaleable when they are (a) Listed and (b) below any sort of Building regs standard let alone having any form of 'disability access' (modern stuff like lifts). Oh and the asbestos.
  11. It will be sold off to some Russian Oligarch so he/she can laundered their cash....

    Or it will sold off to and turned into a Home for Ageing Foriegn Criminals and EUro Trash Kommizzars.
  12. Asbestos you say. Dingy and decrepit? A national treasure that we must hold on to. Of strategic and tactical significance close to the heart of government. Has been perfectly acceptable for military and civilian staff for decades.

    Haven't we all been looking for a more cost effective method to house our MPs?

    Asbestos - is is the naturally really dangerous stuff or the stuff we'd have to cut up and damage to make it dangerous?
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  13. The building also floods - it goes down a very long way, and the combination of floating asbestos riddled safes floating in a sub basement is so appealing.

    Problem the building has is that only the 2nd floor is remotely like its old days configuration (e.g. nice wood panelling). The rest is a typical 1980s office with high ceilings, poor lighting / heating and a maze of rooms. Not a nice place to work at all.
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  14. Shame it couldn't be overhauled to make a prestige location to rival VSC & UJC.

    Or even better, a Veterans HQ fit for the 21st Century & beyond.

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  15. You're making my plan seem so much better - you'd have to mark each wood panel to stop the bastards stealing it - but a price worth paying.

    The flooding issue could be sold as a security measure - stops any Fawke's type incident