Old Vinyl/Cassettes to CD

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Civvy_Shot, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. I've got multiple boxes of vinyl and cassettes lurking in the parental loft, which I apparently need to shift sharpish or they are getting binned. So come Boxing Day I'll be sitting there with a big pile of the finest late 80's Heavy Metal having a good old nostalgia sesh...

    However, I need to bung them onto CD. This causes problems, as I is fick when it comes to this IT malarkey.

    I've found the ADS instant music ripper for £39.95 on firebox.com. Anyone used one?

    Looks fairly idiot proof, but I have 100% guaranteed idiot skills when it comes to breaking things.

    All I have to do now is find someone who still has a bleddy turntable...

    Advice from people who are good at stuff humbly welcomed.
  2. If your number of Vinyl makes it worthwhile, you can get USB turntables believe it or not (for around £80), I just wish they were as common before I dumped my collection a few years ago :(
    Firebox sell them I notice, but there are cheaper ones around, just google USB turntable
  3. Avoid the one PC World sell.

    I can't find the URL now, but I read a review on them a short while ago and they are totally ARRSE!
  4. Assume the problem is a storage one?

    Get wed quick, buy a house/get a quarter and you then have your own loft in which to place your vinyl. If the house is due to come to you as inheritance you could always pay back the parents who brought you to this difficult position and move back into the family residence.

    Vinyl should never be binned.
  5. Yup, a good tip, once you find a model you think you like is stick the exact model name into google and add "review" or "problems" on the end. You will be suprised how many good review sites there are out there for just about any product under the sun. If you cant find a review, tread with care as its probably not popular enough to warrant one.

    This applies to everything btw, fridges, PC's, games etc :D
  6. John Lewis have a cracking turntable and tabe system you could use to shift your vinyl onto CD.

    However you should really keep your vinyl as it is as it doesn't sound half as good when you transfer it to a crap digital format from original analogue.

    Buy a turntable and pre-amp, wire it up to your present system, blow the dust off your records and turn the volume up.
  7. Storage isn't the major problem - just that they're in a loft 250 miles away from mine, and I will be keeping the originals (not the tapes though). Just want to be able to play in the car.

    This was also triggered by me idly costing up what it would cost to get the same albums on CD ('cos I fully respect the Copyrights, Designs & Patents Act and would never dream of downloading etc etc officer).

    So it's cost of (a) external writer and (b) ripper thingy or just upgrade the PC for one that comes with a writer...

    The USB turntable also has a certain 'gizzit' appeal.

    All in a good cause - the oldest is 3 1/2 now and needs educating about the joys of early Metallica, Motorhead, Megadeth, Anthrax and so on. Wonder if the old tour shirts are in the same box?
  8. Try your local Maplin store they have an on line catalogue at www.Maplin.co.uk should find one there mate.
  9. aaaaahhh, the old Audiophile versus geek argument :twisted:

    With todays hard disk sizes, lossless codecs are far more "doable" than previosuly, indeed some portable music players (I choose not to say MP3 players as its not MP3 I am talking about) support FLAC and WAV now

    edited for mong spelling with to many thumbs
  10. Have a look at this site which gives advice on how to rip vinyl and tape without specalist equipment.

    What equipment you do need you will probably get from you local Freecycle group.
  12. I'm never one to debate the vinyl V tape V cd V mp3 malarky, although I do have my opinions, however, vinyl is history and I don't mean that in a bad way. (Pictures the scene from Planet of the Apes when they smash the records)

    There is that strange quality of looking at the artwork, the lyrics and other crap on a sleeve album not to mention the ritual of carefully sliding the record out of it's jacket and delicately placing it upon arcane equipment and gently lowering the tonearm that just isn't found by the ease of use of a CD player or MP3. Music was somehow more sacred when the format was fragile and I'm 34 FFS!

    Use a lossless codec and quality turntable to record along with the above advice and you should be fine.
  13. Picking up an old thread to ask if anyone has any updates to getting vinyl/tape to PC/CD/portable player (Zen)?

    Look at USB Turntable as prices are down but interested in opinion from those in the know. Thanks in advance.
  14. Why not just download the MP3 version of the ones you own.... (Torrent, Rapidshare?)
  15. I have used the Magix Audio Cleaning Lab to copy my old cassettes to CD. It takes a bit of plying with, but the results aren't bad. Simple matter of connecting the Audio Out from your Hi-Fi to the Audio In on your PC, and run it through the software. It can eliminate some of the crackle and hiss, and allows you to put in breaks between tracks on a CD (as well as other techy-geek stuff I really couldn't be bothered exploring...)