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Discussion in 'REME' started by I_AM_CANADIAN, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Anyone a member of 1 Corps Tps Wksp during its prime.........?
    what did you think?

    I was there from 89 - 91, had an absolute blast, no bad memories, the only "all REME" unit that I really enjoyed.... and wasnt that Gyros place over the road the mutts........
  2. Did my JMC there, not a bad place by all accounts, and yeah the schnelly was mint.
  3. Did my 3-2 there, enjoyed the Banana Bar. Went out on Op Granby with a few vm's from there.
  4. I did the old 3-2 which in those days was a symbol of being thick. Not much has changed! it was a great place. Then it was back to 4 Armd Wksp in Detmold which was a nuts unit, which had it's own 'gettoes' in the blocks and had the sworn enemy which was the 5 and 9s.

    I remember the Pflaumenbaum in Bielefeld and Traffic Lights in Detmold, and of course, the Schnellys for the Gyros, food of the gods.
  5. there was me thinking this was going to be a metric versus imperial slagging match...

    I'll get me coat...
  6. Not me but the words Gyros and schnellimbiss have me salivating over my keyboard. Jaegerschnitzell mit pommes bitte, ahhh, the good ol' days!
  7. H_J When were you in Detters?
  8. I did my 3-2 there in '89 - Great place but couldn't get in the Pflaumenbaum! Mind you I couldn't get into many bars in Germany unless it was the Landsman or Tennebar in Munster, but then you would be lucky not to get your head stoved in by jocks or gaurds!
  9. Ahhhhh, The Plumby, I remember lying in the road outside playing chicken with taxis, then they barred me. What was that all about?
  10. I was there 92-95. i was on A+B line in A Coy. A certain skiing major was my Sgt Major. I then worked in packs, drove the quickest barn on the planet, which had been tweaked on Granby and went like hot snot (compared to the knocker anyway).

    It was some unit, good times and bad. bit of everything.
  11. Canadian - Assuming you are Canadian and are the same Canadian I knew, do you still weigh the equivalent of a German tram ?
  12. Just missed you then, (OK, by 2 years :D ). Posted to elsewhere in '90. Agree with the comment about the unit though, I enjoyed it there.
  13. I did my 3-2 there as well, also shagged the NAAFI bird the one that was over six foot.
  14. I did my 3-2 there in '73. The bar was just a room with yellow (nicotine) walls and a hatch that you had to knock on (gently or no service) and the beers were passed through. Oh and the NAAFI bird was only 2 foot 6 inch tall (apprentice or the magie birds granny).
  15. I was there 88-93 URS/MT/Recy Platoon, loved every minute of it, great blokes, meacon was a chopper, No ones mentioned Caddies or 10 regt! lol :D