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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dread99, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but do any of you oldies remember the correct name of the jacket that we wore with Lightweight trousers, for weapons training or driver training back in the 60,s and early 70,s?
    I was isued mine in 72, a very tidy jacket nicely fitted at the waist, looked a bit like the then US Army Vietnam era shirt jackets. If I,m in the wrong area please send me to where I may be helped. thanks.
  2. They weren't the same as Jungle Greens by any chance?
  3. As I remember some units had a two piece denim suit issued, with a OG sort of safari jacket. this was in the days before DPM
  4. That's right, Tropper. It was a jacket denim OG. And fückin' shite the things were too.

  5. Nope definitely not OG,s which I was issued with for a tour in Cyprus (76-79 ACE HIGH Station Cape Greco) but they were worn in UK at training regiments and in BAOR, I saw 3 or 4 people other than me wearing them at my first BAOR unit (73), mostly though for either Driver Training or Weapons training, they could be worn with a shirt underneath or just as a shirt jacket with rolled sleeves in Shirt Sleeve Order. They were worn with Lightweights and before that with the old greens that were issued before lightweights. Thanks for the help so far, someones bound to have a flash of memory soon....
  6. I never had one we had one piece deim overalls on tanks but i remember the "Chunkies" at Ebrington had them
  7. Not sure it was what you are thinking of Bugsy, all the ones I remember fit good and looked really smart, some were of a slightly heavier cloth, mine was like Lightweights, they were in great demand and I think that at some time when I was skint I sold mine for 50DMs.......probably get £50 for it now from a collector.
  8. You actually got issued with two "suits, denim, OG" on your 1033. The problem was that they were the only uniforms ever issued to the MSO in BAOR and nobody wanted to look like them. So nobody ever wore the jacket, just the (tapered) strides and a shirt, hairy. But you're right in that they fitted well.

  9. That'll be the OG Jacket/shirt then.

    I remember my Dad in them................
  10. Tropper 66 has it spot on - a replacement for the battledress style of denims - the jacket was fitted and had no breast pockets, the trousers had no map pocket. A fairly useless piece of kit overall.

    But no, I can't remember the correct nomenclature.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Are you thinking of one of these:

    Denim BD Jacket/Blouse:


    Denim Troppy:


    or a US M1943:

  12. How do you know what he got issued on his 1033? He probably had his clothing issued on an 1157.
    I was issued two of the heavier safari suit jackets in 1985 (yes, Bugsy, on a 1033), affectionately known as "beasting bombers". The only bit of kit to be seen in on the beat-up.
  13. Dredd
    was there with you iirc we referred to them as working/denims/fatigues and they had epaulettes and the button were on rings not sewn on, and they were removed for laundry,.....wore them on day to day working jobs, I think they were old n/service issue.

    they were jacket shaped not blouse...similar to the middle east shape of jacket/shirt.
  14. One of my Marine mates had jungle lightweight OG combats on his return from Bornio in 69 they were very Gucci. The silly sod went and killed himself in an RTA at Moody brook the following year
  15. Thanks everyone, thats it, no breast pockets and the MSOs wore them too. I have to say that I liked mine, it was great in summer, was a bit cooler to wear with shirt sleeve order, better than the then current hairy shirts. Perhaps I just liked the attention with looking different. Ahh those were the days, my first tape up proud as punch....then it all started to go wrong......