Old training video...

Just found this little piece.

Ok, to you its enemy forces :cool:
But I found it interesting how little the basics of the infantry trade have changed.
(overwatch, fire-movement drill etc)

The video show the mission of an inf.-squad as a recon team, ahead of their BN's attack/pursuit.
For the first leap they'll move under the cover of their company then on their own.

Their mission is to check a ridge ahead of the company, then ways trough a wood and then check the way towards the next ridge behind the woods.
Th Co wants to know:
-are the ridges free of enemy?
-are the ways, bridges passable/rivers fordable?

If they find enemy they are to maintain contact, till the company attacks, if not, they are to stay at the last ridge...

Infantriegruppe als Spähtrupp - YouTube

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