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here y'go - for those who may not have seen:


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Sappers cheered by thousands at football final

Thousands of football fans showed their appreciation of the Armed Forces last weekend by cheering soldiers from 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) at the final match of the Barclays Premier League Trophy.

Soldiers walk the Barclays Premier League Trophy and medals onto the pitch at Old Trafford [Picture: Tom Purslow/Manchester United]

Four soldiers who have recently returned from Afghanistan were invited to watch the final of the Barclays Premier League Trophy on Saturday 16 May 2009 at Manchester United's Old Trafford ground and at the end of the match they walked the League Trophy and medals onto the pitch where they were applauded by the crowd.

The match was won by Manchester United who scooped the trophy after a no score draw against Arsenal.

Sergeant Jason Rose, aged 38, said:

"It was a fantastic gesture from Manchester United. It's great that they have done this for the lads. We have many Manchester United fans in our Regiment, and there is a lot of friendly banter about how well our teams are playing, or not as the case may be.

"On Saturday, we had a fantastic response from the crowd. We all really enjoyed it, it was a once in a lifetime experience."

It was a dream come true for Manchester United supporter Sapper Richard Hill aged 27. He said:

"I've supported them since I was young. I go to as many matches as I can, but to actually walk out onto the pitch with the Premier League trophy and thousands of people watching; well it was just a fantastic feeling. It's certainly something I will be talking about down the pub for a long time to come."

A keen footballer himself, Sapper Hill returned from Afghanistan last month.
Sir Bobby Charlton said:
"We were honoured that they were with us on such a fantastic occasion. They do a fantastic job and it was a small way to show our appreciation for the work they do."

The Regiment has the enormous task of detecting, identifying and disposing of all mines and improvised explosive devices which post a threat to coalition forces.

Sapper Hill added:
"We are there to look after and assist the coalition forces and to get rid of munitions which pose a threat."

The Royal Engineer Unit based at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, is the only specialist Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment in the Corps of Royal Engineers.

When deployed the soldiers from 33 Engr Regt (EOD) form part of the Joint Force (EOD) group, which includes soldiers from 11 EOD Regt RLC.

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Well said Sir Bobby - and ( through gritted teeth) Well Done MUFC !



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You are Brigadier Tom and I claim my ten pounds.....
Who did they beat in the FA cup final? Please tell me it was Man Utd!!
R.E. 1875 F.A. Cup Winners

The 1875 Cup winning side was:

Capt. W. Merriman; Lt. G.H. Sim; Lieutenant G.C. Onslow; Lt. R.M. Ruck; Lt. P.G. von Donop; Lt. C.K. Wood; Lt. H.E. Rawson; Lt. R.H. Stafford; Lt. H. W. Renny-Tailyour; Lt. A. Mein; and Lt. C. Wingfield-Stratford.
The team drew 1-1 against Old Etonians with a goal from Renny-Tailyour and went on to win the replay 2-0 with a goal each from Renny-Tailyour and Stafford

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