Old Trades - New trades comparison

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Red-On, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Ok I know I m going to sound like an old crusty but being an ex RTG I d love to know were my old trade fits in the new trade structure, I had a quick butchers at the army site


    Now being an civvy IT consultant I thought the sigs would have progressed a tad up the IS stream but looking at the trade descreptions and the snaps all I could see was the same old worn out 436's and scam 12's!!! surely in the four years I ve been out its moved on since then...

    Could someone please enlighten me?
  2. You'd now be an Radio Systems Op. Tele Op(Sys) and (Data) all became Area Systems Ops
  3. But RTGs are still out there, GODs trade lives on.[/b]
  4. But RTGs are still out there, GODs trade lives on.[/b]
  5. Red - there can't be many more RTGs left - RTG ceased to be when trade changed name to Tele Op (Tg) back in late 80s. That means last RTG could have been trained at Catterick/Harrogate at least 15 years ago and they should be SSgt or WO by now.
  6. Nope... there are still Sgt out there that I know ...so that means there are also Cpls and maybe a few naughty LCpls??
  7. I did say "should be". Didn't take into account those who can't keep up.

  8. I did say "should be". Didn't take into account those who can't keep up.

  9. Once GODs trade, always GODs trade. No matter what rank.

    Unless you TRA of course, then you are just a low life.
  10. Is that TRA out of RS Op or TRA into RS Op?

    Are those that trained as RS Op allowed to call themselves as God's trade?
  11. RS Op!! What is that? Some tawt keeps putting it on my CR's.

    I am talking about low life who TRA'd out of GODs trade (RTG) into another because they could not handle the pressure of having to be GODs children.

    Had a few move from RTG to SYS Op during the late 80's. Not a lot though, mostly DTG's (handbags) got jiffed to move across.
  12. military_skier

    Only if you can transmit and receive morse at 30 WPM (any faster is too close to those very weird chaps) with your left foot while re-tuning to the zero beat with the right foot, thus having your brew in your left hand and fag in the right.
  13. And how do you classify a certain SOinC? He occasionally mentions the fact he used to be an RTG. :lol:
  14. Depends on where he is.

    If he stays away from my location - Yeah...in your dreams Rodney.

    If he visits - oh how nice Sir, really.

    Which one by the way, outgoing or incoming? I know they are changing but unsure of when.
  15. Whats mawse ??