Old Toys and New Toys.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SKJOLD, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Most Old Old sweats will rememer Charlie Gs as being bloody heavy...they were phased out with the development of the 94mm (10mm larger warhead, logistically easier etc). However as the blurb says the new ammo varieties have given a new lease of life...read somewhere that US Rangers had adopted this system for bunkerbusting and light anti-armour tasks....apparently theres even a flechette round! Soft launch AT4 been around a while...don't know if its combat proven. A lot of these lightweight systems won't guarantee MBT KKills...which beggars the question of lugging them around the place as v expensive bunker busters or overkill for BMP types. Dunno if they have dive attack or tandem warheads - if so then more attractive.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I've used both the old and new Charlie-G. The main difference being the addition of a STANAG Picatinny sight rail, and that the new one is made of carbon fibre as opposed to lead-lined, concrete-reinforced, cast iron drainpipe. It's only half the weight of it's predecessor, thus the saving on your back/knees is immense. Or possibly, "now it's lighter the lads can carry even more rds for it......"

    Tried the AT-4 CS a few times as well, though not actually inside a confined space. I might look dim but there are limits. It's just an even lighter Charlie-G, in a throwaway version. The round is the same as the AT one for it's older brother. I did think that it was quieter than - no, make that not as loud as - the reloadable 84mm. A bit easier to carry than the 94mm too.
  3. The Krauts used to use Charlie G with illum.... nice....
  4. As I remember it, carrying the old Charlie G had its benefits.
    Always got you to the front of those inexplicable, middle-of-nowhere, three-abreast queues that one used to find in Brecon.
  5. Have just found an article in "Militær Teknikk". It shows a picture of two Toms using the NLAW in an OBUA village. So someone somewhere has used one or played with one.

  6. Wombat.... what the feck is that apart from an antipodean animal!

    I've gathered it's some sort of Anti Tank weapon... any more info or piccies ?
  7. fired the LAW94 and LAW66. not had the pleasure with the CG and i read the LAW94 was ditched because of warheads blowing before launch.

    I also read the new NLAW has a improved kill capability and attacks from above?

  8. it was a BAT battallion ant-tank weapon, normally seen towed behind the old 1 tonne rovers many years ago, light easy to operate only trouble was range capability, i didn't really want to be a km away max to be engaging tanks :wink:

    try this link http://www.britains-smallwars.com/Falklands/b-weapons.htm#wombat
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    But Canteen-Cowboy, it did have the most satisfying sound !
    Told everyone, including Ivan, that the AT boys were lightening the load.
    (Can sounds be cuddly ? If so the Wombat definitely comes top of the list.)
  10. i remeber them now i seen the pic. looked awsome yet strange.

  11. Weapon
    Tank. WOMBAT

    At one point mounted on 432....
  12. I seem to recall that the Paras brought their wombats to the Falklands, but they were never offloaded from Canberra and returned to UK in exactly the same spot aboard the ship as they had been loaded in...
  13. and porteed on 3/4 Landrovers for the Berlin Inf Bde.