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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by ordinaryforces, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. Could someone please tell me if there is a straightforward and simple way to transfer stuff from a laptop to a new laptop?
    Ta muchly.
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  2. Memory stick or external hard drive I would of thought. But that only works for docs and files , if it's software reinstall or try cloning your old machine, but that's complicated.
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  3. The only two ways a fool ike me can think of is
    A) get an external harddrive, transfer and then copy it. (good for back up as well).
    b) Can you do USB to USB ports and copy?

    Might be the simpliest answer you get, unless you're a techno freak (guess you're not) and someone will give you a USB, HGR, D-ROM/RAM answer that no-one understands!
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  4. But don't most downloaded programmes - Firefox, convertors etc always have a start up file/ I think on Toshiba's its in something like Programme86 files. Could transfer those and start them up again, those files could be copied surely?
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  5. nip down the local computer repair shop - they'll do it for 25 sovs
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  6. Thanks
    I'm a bit of a computer mong, I bought a new laptop yesterday and in my world of innocence I thought I would be able to plug some sort of cable in to the old one and bish bosh....but apparently not.
  7. Be careful not to transfer loads of crap.
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  8. They'll also copy all your music and porn free of charge. Well you don't want o be paying to have stuff you've blagged going on to their own computer now do you?! My mates runs a small computer business, ended up with about 100gb of music as he ripped it off every computer that came in! Apart fromt he time he was nearly sick because some guy had seperate files for all his pictures of feet - Celeb, in tights, shoes etc!
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  9. This is why your local computer repair shop is better - dont take it down to PC World FFS !
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  10. You could buy a crossover cable (or make one). Give your laptops static IP addresses in the same class, octet, and in the same subnet mask obviously, then connect the onboard NICs with the cable. They should then be able to "see" each other and copy from 1 to the other directly.

    Or use an external HDD, USB.

    Or email each file one by one, but that could take some time ;)
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  11. Make a list of your ESSENTIAL files or progs you need to transfer.

    Be careful not to transfer total crap. even worse, do not transfer a virus or worm or spying software.
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  12. Now this might come as a shock to most AARSE users....there is no porn or photos of oiled up amsterdam boys sticking things up donkeys arses....so no problems with PC world except that I resent paying them.
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  13. If you're using Windows 7 or XP then use Easy transfer (START > type Easy Transfer into search program and files, it comes up as top entry). Gives you the option to use your wireless network (assuming you have one), storage device or a transfer cable. Transfer cable isn't too expensive but you're only likely to use it once.
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  14. There you go - Within the hour someone gives a good correct answer. Now hands up everybody who understands what Princealbert is talking about???!!

    No Offense PA, but knew someone would know what their doing when the rest of have no idea!
  15. Or use easy transfer which will do it all for you once you plug the cable in.