Old times sake

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Monty417, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. An elderly couple were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, so they decided to return to the little town where they first met. They sat in a small coffee shop in the town and were telling the waitress about their love for each other and how they met at this same spot. Sitting next to them was the local postman and he smiled as the old couple spoke.

    After the waitress left the table, the old man said to his wife, 'Remember the first time we made love, it was up in that field across the road, when I put you against the fence. Why don't we do it again for old times sake?'

    The wife giggled like crazy and said, 'Sure, why not.'

    So off they went out the door and across to the field. The postie smiled to himself, thinking how romantic this was and decided he better keep an eye on the couple so they didn't run into any harm. The old couple walked to the field and as they approached the fence they began to undress. The old man picked up his wife when they were naked and leaned her against the fence. The postman was watching from the bushes and was surprised at what he saw. With the vitality of youth, the wife bounced up and down excitedly, while the husband thrashed around like a wild man, then they both fell to the ground in exhaustion.

    Eventually, they stood up,shook themselves, and got dressed. As they walked back towards the road, the postman stepped from his hiding spot and said, 'That was the most wonderful love making I have ever seen. You must have been a wild couple when you were young.'

    'Not really,' said the old man, 'when we were young, that fence wasn't fuckin' electrified!'
  2. Done the rounds here a few times, but still funny.