old tele programs

havinng being bored ona night and flicking around sky teles 4 million channels i watched 321 on challange. the clues still confused me even now and had a good laugh at the clobber and prizes. watched some old tele progs recently and thought they were funny as fcuk.
... bought my mate the complete series of rentaghost on DVD. MY GOD! How on EARTH did they get away with all that gay innuendo in a kids programme. Also there's a thought that He-man was gay. Discuss... his alter ego (Adam) wore pink, he had a mate called 'Fistor' and his best friend was a pussy. There's also the stuff about 'holding aloft his magic sword' or should I go for counselling?
Unfortunately I do remeber Fireball xl5 with steve zodiac, robert the robot, some mong looking creature called zoony, a barking professor and an assortment of other oddballs - what about gerry andersons first foray into the world of puppetry - four feather falls.
Four Feathers.

I'm so old I remember it was Nicholas Parsons (Sale of the Century) doing some of the voices


medication please- NOW
just to add to this (again) try the A- team, mork and mindy on paramount, and the classic bodie and doyle. the theme tune is still class

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