Old Tank at Catterick FIBUA village?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bensonby, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. At the Whinny Hill FIBUA village at Catterick I have a vague recollection of an old tank, somewhere about HERE in the training area.

    I may be completely fantasising but for some strange reason I have an abiding memory of it being a T34/76.....I disregarded it because the concept seems completely impossible (there are hardly any surviving anywhere - let alone in the UK). But I still have this niggling feeling that thats what it was.

    Absurd I know, but can anyone shed any light?

  2. I thought there was a chieftan/challenger at the main entrance to Whinny Hill, atleast, there was last year when i was there last.

  3. I didn't mean at the entrance, its in front of one of the buildings..... near that bit with all the rubble and knocked down buildnigs.
  4. ISTR throwing molatov cocktails at a ferret or something in the area of the railway lines on your map, there were some other vehicles too
  5. when throwing molotovs at the ferret it is about 20-30 yards behind you IIRC...

    i could just be making this up....why would a russian tank be in a yorkshire FIBUA village?
  6. If anyone knows of this, maybe a couple of photos posted here would be useful?

    Come to think of it, if anyone knows of any AFVs out on local Trg Areas a record here on ARRSE could be useful for places like the Tank Museum and the IWM...
  7. I'm sure its a T-55 not a T-34, but why would you think T-34s are rare I thought it was a very common tank.
  8. Actually, I know what you mean and I have a photo of it from a CCRF ex 2 years ago with the blue light services.

    I'll post it up when I get home! (At work at the moment)

  9. There's a Sherman in the West Down impact area on Salisbury Plain. You can see it from OP13, marked on 1:25000 as either tank hulk P in grid square 0551, or AL in grid square 0651.
  10. Not been that close to it! :D Doesn't look too bad through binos though.
  11. Correction it is a T-34 I've just found a photo of it. You were correct.
  12. T34s are very common - but only the 85 variant. the 76 varient is extremely rare.
  13. Really?! can we see the pic?
  14. Don't know much about T-34 variants, shame on me

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