Old sweats in space

New Vin Diesel flick has just finished shooting, its his third Riddick movie, but I believe its more a sequel to Pitch Black rather than that Chronicles crapfest

I spotted this wrap pic, and had to say its good to see that even in the future some guys won't go with all this modern kit and stay retro, check out the ammo pouch on the guy on the left

Bigger version here

Surprised he did insist on a SLR


War Hero
I thought 5A had been banned from ARRSE? So shouldn't the OP edit this photo and put some form of black box over his face to hide his ID? ;)
Guy on the left looks like the only one who has ever served?
No, no, no and no!

In the future uniforms will be shiny and clean, except for the chaps who get killed 'cos they will wear red shirts.

And everyone will have ray guns which can either knock you out or blow up a tank, depending on the setting.

That lot look like refugees from some crap movie....oh wait....

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