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Please note the final sentence of my original post. It was asking what passes for an OS nowadays.
Will it be that much different from the other handful of threads?
Will it be that much different from the other handful of threads?
Get fooked you boring ****. I did a quick search and nothing showed. Jarrod Walt.


When you are older than the RSM: Just serving the apprenticship to be old....

When you are older than the Regt QM: Congratulations: you have made it.
When you joined Centurion was a rank and not a tank.
Tried that one a while back. Got blank looks from some lads who had never heard of a Centurion tank.

So amend to read: "when you're still using the centurion/rank/tank joke and none of your audience understands"...:(
Ah it's an age thing then Bob.
When you talk about progressing from the A40 to the A41 and the RSO you're talking to pulls up Google Maps on his phone.
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...Or if you recall when your display of health and efficiency was frowned upon by your CO.
When you were on the crossbow trials team...you still talk about THAT bow...

The British army never really did crossbows, it should be the arquebus and before anyone starts I don't remember them, although I am qualified on the matchlock musket.
You know you're an old sweat one of your Toms points to the lump of Berlin Wall mounted on a wooden plinth on your desk and says "What's that then, Staff?", you reply "That's a piece of the Berlin Wall and it was given to me by an NVA engineer in Jan 1990", and he responds with "The fall of the Berlin Wall? I did that in History at school!"
When there wasn't a junior Brecon. Or a senior one, come to that and all promotions (up to and including Sgt) were at the choice and discretion of your C.O.
And your number started 23..........
When there were no lightweights or dpm but working dress was a set of ill matched and even worse fitting denims. Worn with a shirt ( hairy) and a tie made out of old cam net scrim. And that was also worn with combat dress( Green, shiny and very thick) and battledress ( extremely hairy) Oh, and boots ( ammo)
Colour that lot red and stick a weird furry tall hat on it, and you've just described the guards...still don't know why anyone would inflict that nonsense on themselves. Takes all types though.
When all and sundry decide that you should be addressed as "Mister", however you are not Commissioned and you do not hold WO rank
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