Old sweat or sweaty knacker

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Monocled_Mutineer, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. Had a conversation with a mate of mine yesterday discussing the fact that people always think that they are old sweats.

    For example I always get asked why I am wearing a 58 belt, when at least it was issued when I joined.

    But I’m told that it is only Officers and SNCO’s allowed to wear them.

    Half of the Rupert’s hadn’t even hit puberty when I had done three years!

    So what is the point when you become a sweat, or does it come with rank?
  2. I think when you look round and wonder where all the old sweats are
    you suddenly realise you are one :?
  3. I noticed that I was wearing certain bits of my 1157, and people started laughing.

    Then I began to worry!
  4. You are an old sweat until someone older and sweatier comes along....

    This is my 31st year in a "can't see me" suit, yet I am constantly "outsweated" by others, who think I am a pink-kneed recruit with no need to shave the bum-fluff more than once a week.

    Alternatively, it's when you can amaze your friends and family by demonstrating how to shrink a Kangol beret (witchcraft, some may say), spoon and bull ammo boots, or put on an SA80 sling without getting apoplexy.

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  5. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    When major generals look like schoolkids lol
  6. I think when 18 year olds use the term cold war warrior as an insult towards you .consider yourself old sweat :lol:
  7. It is when you have the conversation with the 'Older sweats' and they start going on about ankle DMS.

    Fortunately I missed out on that one!
  8. I didn't. They also came free with removeable plastic insoles!

    Puttees were all the rage then. I was even issued black puttees being RGJ.

    Still got my shirt "hairy" KF and gloves woollen black.

    Also used to wear a 44 pattern web belt, not one of your 58 pattern modern rubbish.

    In fact come to think of it, my first set of issue webbing was 37 pattern, which we had to dye black with boot polish.
  9. NIG :!: :!: :D
  10. what about the Greatcoat!! had mine issued, then withdrawn a couple of weeks later.. 8O a few years later that new fangled stuff came out called barrack dress as well... with belt plastic useless :wink: shoes shiney arrse type :wink: and of course kit Pt stanley mathews :roll:
  11. I had the privilege of being issued ‘Shorts PT Sex Offender’.

    Decided to donate them, to an Oxfam shop.

    No doubt some weirdo will buy them for a couple of quid.
  12. Old Sweat - When you can remember CinC Land as a Lt, when some WO2s were not in the Army when one first wore a major's crown,when you go back to your old unit and find that the grandson of your old platoon sergeant is now a Cpl and when Signallers at Bde HQ offer you a chair because of your age rather than your rank.
  13. OK - I think Mushroom has established once and for all that compared to him, we're ALL nigs! I had heard that the Queen's Crown on his capbadge was Victoria's...

    blah, blah, blah, Bedford MK, Austin Champ, Energa grenade, issue rubberized washroll, brass buttonstick, blah, blah, blah
  14. started off with SMLE and Battle dress and thought myself an old stager when on leaving i handed in my AR15 and DPM combats
  15. Jesus christ....... How old are you?

    I thought I was in the presence of the worlds sweatiest sweat when I drew my GPMG for GW1..

    The SQMS, ex old school Para Regt said to me: 'Backsliders like you cost us a bridge' then proceeded to tell me I didn't need a lauch pole as God had given me a hip.

    The same fella some time later when I was stagging on the gate and I failed to recognise him said 'ID card, I don't need an ID card, when I joined the army I knew every cnut'