Old Style DPM Tropical Trousers ( Reproduction )

Where is the best place to get a pair of these from as I have heard there are good copies and bad copies on the market ?

"Troopers" look like a good copy ?
Wasn't the objection to trops that they melt? ie. generally bad things however comfortable.
Used to be the case that if you got seen wearing them in NI you were in a world of sh*t due to the risk associated with petrol bombs. I still have a few pairs however I dont wear them anymore as I think these days they look a bit walty. CS95 is good enough.
Yeah faded old looking 95s are now the in-thing, according to me anyway as I can't be arrsed to fork out for jungles, doesn't seem to be catching on though...
They do catch fire, I had a pair stuck to my legs after winning the 'stand in the middle of the Squadron smoker competition' with a time of 1'32".

Obviously manned it out for 5 days before going sick with folicle septicemia and nearly dying from blood poisoning as a result.......

Anybody wearing them now looks like a ferkin idiot. CS95 does the job.
The biggest drama with jungles/tropicals, far beyond the whole catchy lighty thing, is that when you finally get a really good set I mean a reallllly good set and you start cutting about in them like your the dogs danglies you start treating them like one of your legitimate children, patching up every possible nick or tear till they look like a patchwork quilt and when finally they give up the ghost with very little of the original material left you mourn them like the passing of a close family member, fecking pain in the arrse :)
Or maybe wait 12-24 months and get a new set of MTP and hand in the old CS95?
I have a few pairs of luminous jungles all about 30-32inch waist. Plust an outrageously bright jungle shirt that is (I think) 180/90. Up for grabs for a few shiny pennies. PM me if interested.
If you want the look of the real McCoy I suggest that you let the crotch area rot away completely by burying that area in a wet compost heap while the rest weathers on top in the sun. The crotchless look used to be all the rage and it allows easy access to remove leeches from your undercarriage.
Defo not flame proof.
My old pair melted on the back of a chair a good foot away from one of those old WW1 stoves at Westdown Camp or some such ancient place many moons ago.
I forget the term but they are flme retardent or some such thing, they are something anyways as I remember when doing optag before NI you weren't allowed to where jungles for petrol bomb drills but 95s were fine
I forget the term but they are flme retardent or some such thing, they are something anyways as I remember when doing optag before NI you weren't allowed to where jungles for petrol bomb drills but 95s were fine
Beware buying trops - the Army (Inf certainly) is doing its best to remove this element of unnecessary waltism from its ranks very quickly - and quite rightly so. You should ask yourself "am I wearing these trops simlpy to look a bit different and a bit ally", or "am I operating in a jungle environment where their colour/ material is necessary". I suggest if you answer yes to the first bit, that solves your problem.

We are banning students and DS from wearing these in Brecon for just these reasons. Rightly or wrongly, these days we are judged by our multinational partners, often on first impressions. If that first impression is of a rag-tag Army that cannot afford the same kit, that is how we will be treated.
LI, do you happen to know the reason why the Dutch Gore-Tex smock is curently banned from Brecon? Is it for the same reasons as above?
I saw a bloke from 4para, on one of the weekends before I mobilised, wearing a new set he had got from dropzone IIRC. They stood out a mile, real lumi style material. Great if you want the attention.

Ive got two pairs (hand me downs), and as dolsteeth mentioned I guard them with my life. Only worn on exercise or ranges. Faded out but not luminous. Far better than 95s, which rip tear and wear out rapidly imho.

Are they still issued for tropical/jungle type stuff, or do the army just get the mileage out of temperate 95s?

Not suprised they are getting banned. Usually happens when some muppet sets his watch to big time and thinks he will just cut about the barracks in them.

Good trousers in the field though, shirts are decent aswell.

I don't think 95s are flameproof either, last time I did pubic order training the 95s I wore were totally fcuked afterwards.

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