Old Style Clobber

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by magicgrotter, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. :?: Guys looking to purchase some old style clobber... SAS Smock or Para Smock and Windy trousers...Any ideas on the best suppliers?
  2. You could just settle with what is issued from Q&M

    Although Artkis do make rather fetching windproof/waterproof trousers :?

    With the introduction of PECOC in the next year or two why not keep your shiny notes for that all important item lager
  3. you always get one g 10 for men **** dont ya!
  4. But for every one of them you get five kit tarts in sniper smocks... :)
  5. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah there if you look at my feet the word Altberg is advertised alongside those warm issue socks that are white in colour. Granted Altbergs were on issue with a chit from the QM's

    I did point out a rather good company who make good kit for a price.

    I gave away my para smock when it was too faded to wear, my jungles breeks were binned when the bollocks became exposed.
  6. ha ha no sniper smocks here
  7. Try shepherds in Hereford on 01568 720262 although thet mostky do modern / civvy kit now, they still have a good stock of older surplus gear knocking around. Give them a call.

    Or check out DZ supplies, their website is www.army-surplus.co.uk, they used to have a shop in H too but is seems to have disappeared, the webiste is a bit slow at the moment, but if you let thwm know what you're after they might be able to sort you out.
  8. Did look at the Arktis stuff, nice smock and trousers but too pricey for field work and too 'NEW' in appearance. Any heard of this KOMBAT smock thats knocking around, got any feedback?
  9. Kombat are a no-go.

    think Webtex
  10. I wouldnt put my money into DPM at the moment; the future looks bleak.
  11. Well, keep watching 'cos you may be surprised.