Old Style CAMTECH ally cam cream

Evening y'all,

Just got hold of some of the old style issued Camtech camcream brand new in box.

It's the tropical stuff so the colours are green, brown and dark green so you don't get the annoying black one that you never really use.

If anyone wants any I can get them posted to you for 6 quid including postage (cheaper than anywhere on the net). I'll be able to drop that price to 5 quid + postage for bulk items.

Inbox me if interested.

Sorry to any mods if this is in the wrong place.


What's cam cream?
Cam cream?
Whatever happened to burnt cork, or that old favourite walnut juice (as used by every hero in Boy's Own Annual*)?

*Other albums of daring do are available...




Book Reviewer
the max factor stuff went off and caused some nasty skin reactions, any skin complaint can turn cancerous.

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