Old Squaddie Stabbed Fighting off Robber

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. 9 years for sticking a pensioner, twice. :roll:

  2. Interesting blazer badge.
  3. 216 Para Sig Sqn. I have one myself!
  4. Airborne.Every man an Emperor.
  5. Walt him!!!
  6. .....I shall now slink off and await incoming.
  7. I'm suprised the old boy wasn't arrested for racially aggravated assault in our brave new world!
  8. Good for the old fella but I do have one beef, when it's bad news then we get Ex-Soldier/Ex-Para does so and so and you can bet it'll turn out that the person in question did 2 weeks National Service before being discharged with flat feet in 1952!
    Because he's receiving an award for bravery there's no mention of his Army career: this man was a soldier (well a signaller :D ) and probably proud of it but not a mention.

    Bad act: Full irrelevant military link
    Good Act: No military link, irrelevant of otherwise.
  9. When this happened, he was having an interview with, I think, BBC News. I thought I heard them state he was an ex copper. However in the interview he said that it was his training in the airborne that kicked in. Good on the guy.
  10. Good on Mr Seery - JD, you've surely got to be able to arrange a few beers for the man and a game of cards for him and his muckers?
  11. Good point. I know which bookies it is so I'll pop in and see the manager to see if the old blokes would like a bottle of Port or two over their game.
  12. Saw this on the Telly the other week, he was an ex copper to I believe. Good effort though, hope Mustafa has sh*t time inside.
  13. To be fair, there's also no mention of the fact that after doing his 22, he joined the plod, either.
  14. Cheers JD.

    Having lived, worked in this part of the South East for ten years now. Mr Seery's ordeal is an all-too-common type of incident. There are a huge number of veterans who have made their home within easy reach of the "Home of the British Army" - but having worked in Farnborough, travelled on buses and trains around Surrey Heath and the surrounding boroughs, the pondlife element in this part of Hampshire / Surrey seems to be well above the national average. - I get to travel a lot, so feel fairly qualified to make the judgement.

    On two separate bus journeys (lots of ex-Gurkas drive ' em around these parts), have intervened and told local scrotes to sit down, when they've been getting in the face of the driver over why they have to pay to travel - tossers. But, with a small police footprint (guess this is not unusual) I can foresee there being quite a few more similar cases locally over the coming years, and probably nationally as well. - We'll get the CO's to sponsor a plaque awarded and engraved, each time a member of ARRSE sends miscreant to their maker!