Old Speckled Hen Ale

Being a septic and all, but with a mind for adventure, I tried some of the old bird today. Named after an old MG?

Anyhoo....nice amber colour, quite tasty, with a pleasant bourbony aftertaste.

Questions: At what temp would/should this ale be best served?

What would be the typical Brit's opinion of this brew?
Stick to bud real ale like old speckled hen is for brits who appreciate their ale you will just ruin it by seaving it at about -1000 degrees and put ice in it
It's brewed in Abingdon at the Moorhouses brewery. I was attached to 3CS for a Bos tour years ago and regularly went in the brewers pub (The Brewery Tap) for a pint. It's also the most expensive place to buy it (for some strange unexplained reason), but a damm good tipple non the less.
Old speckled hen is good stuff. Should be served at around 21 degrees C. Although personally I prefer it cooler.

If anybody is intersted PM me and I will provide them with an excellent recipe for a home brew I.P.A. which I have been experimenting with for some time. It's nice and clear ABV around 5.5%. I call it ASSAYE.

Actually I'm having a tasting session soon when I get some leave. If anyone fancies trying it. Last time five of us got through 88 pints.

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