Old soldiers

Militaria, history...We are all getting older... Perhaps some of us realise this whilst still in their prime!?

As soldiers we serve, and as a servant time comes inevitably to hang up the gloves and sit for the final last post. Is it just me or do we wear badly? Upon reading of the death of another ex serviceman who enjoyed ARRSE I had these thoughts:

"How long till it is my last post?"

Morbid perhaps but in a society where we are blending into the population without being seen and travelling far to gain employment it just struck me how many lonely ex squaddies are out there. The Internet being there social life, their club or mess.

ARRSE as a social institute. Friends, people you can talk to about things you may never tell a partner or workmates. A meeting point and where people will go to your funeral without having seen you in the real world because you have a common bond, a single denominator - service!

The pride that serving can install is immense and like Hemingway wrote:

"Every man thinks meanly of himself having not served"!

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