Old Soldiers never die....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nibbler, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Good skills!! I'm just suprised the police didn't arrest HIM for being nasty to a mugger!!
  2. Agreed.

    I must admit to agreeing with one of the contributors to the TV Series 'Grumpy old men who said of the younger generation: "They have absolutely nothing about them at all, they are a generation of wet lettuces"

    Regards and best wishes
  3. Inadequate dibble strike again.
    Not even an Attempted Robbery Charge? I suppose he would be one of the candidates for open prison detention. The system works only for the criminal these days.
  4. Slick drills that man!!!
  5. Well done Mr Paddy, good to see a mugger get some stick.

  6. RTFQ


    Scrote gets charged with ABH and released, and if he's 34 and still mugging pensioners for change, then he's hardly a balanced and sensible member of society. Let's hope he has a string of previous convictions because otherwise ABH won't draw much by way of a sentence. Still, inflation and taxation are low, so everyone's happy.
  7. Well done that man.
  8. "He was 6ft 2in, a big fellow. When he started shouting that he was going to kill me I realised I had to take this fellow out."

    Top Lad!
  9. Well done that man :)

    No wonder the mugger was let out on bail... remember everyone... no room in our prisons anymore !
  10. and the system let him down - should have broken his fukcing arm rather than restrain it!
  11. Oh yes, and threats to kill, missed that one, as did plod I presume.
  12. I hope he threw in a few left and rights for good measure.
  13. Let the b'stard out on bail ? Crazy...now he can go and find someone who's not as switched on as Mr. Paddy.
    Anyroad, well done, sir. Still think you should have stamped on his 'nads while you had him there.
  14. Some may have noticed a report in the media several days ago that the Home Office propose to end court appearances for such crimes as muggings and other types of street crime and allow the Police to deal summarily with such offenders by way of 'on the spot fine'.

    "Sorry Officer, I did not mean to mug the old man cos I need to dosh for some more Smack, and I know I have just been given an on the spot fine and allowed time to pay. I'll just nip around the corner and mug my next victim to find the cash to pay it."

    Reductio ad absudum perhaps but more than a little grain of truth contained therein.

    Regards and best wishes