Old soldiers and new

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by taylortaylor, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. After reading ARRSE for a while, I agree that soldiers are only happy when they are griping. The only thing that has changed is what they gripe about. We complained about cold, wet, hungry, tired. the Newbies complain about..................wait for it....................... their rights!!!!!
    i thought when you joined up you just did as you`re told. Did we have it wrong???
  2. ahh what a wonderful age we live in! progress is marvelous :D i dont mind being cold, wet, hungry as long as my right to complain isnt infinged upon, lol
  3. Nothing wrong with griping, especially on ARRSE, as long as you can take a flaming if someone doesn't agree with your gripe.
  4. i used to love the cold wet hungry bit and you have the best user pic ever

  5. Every soldier has his/her right to whinge, if my lads werent having a little whinge Id be worried something was seriously wrong.