Old soldier takes MP Ann Keen to court for being lazy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. A great start if you ask me! Good on the old boy for holding his ground and taking this vile human to task.

    Daily Mail

    Sorry its only from the Daily Hate.

    Just had a quick browse at Keens record and she epitomises why the UK is a bag of underpants now;

    She comes out of the default New Labour MP mould. They work for you? (Only if you are one of them and you have the dosh).
  2. Don't forget the massive 'perfectly legal' expenses figure since 2001, can't remember the figure but £600,000.00+ springs to mind
  3. Even her face pisses me off, she looks so smug. Mr taylor should have wrapped that flintstone style necklace round her shneck too!
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I noticed that the article stated that "MPs do not have a statutory obligation to voters" :?

    I thought that was why they were there in the first place.

    Obviously not :evil:

    Edited for mis-quote.
  5. Very true, LPteJones.

    THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT states what is expected of a Member of Parliament.

    Duty defined as;

    /ˈduti, ˈdyu-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [doo-tee, dyoo-] Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun, plural -ties.
    1. something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation.
    2. the binding or obligatory force of something that is morally or legally right; moral or legal obligation.
    3. an action or task required by a person's position or occupation; function: the duties of a clergyman.
    4. the respectful and obedient conduct due a parent, superior, elder, etc.
    5. an act or expression of respect.
    6. a task or chore that a person is expected to perform

    Quite a few MPs consider definition 6 to be the meaning I suspect.

    Its quite interesting to read the Code of Conduct. Especially this part;

    I think Labour have misread the document or are using one with the word 'will not' as opposed to 'will' scribbled on it.
  6. You got that bit wrong, you should be quoting from the Labour Party Safe Seat Contract. It should read:

    Labour MPs have a general duty to act in the interests of the party, above all other interests except their own enrichment, as a whole; and a special duty to their leader. ;)

    It's sickening. Why isn't there property owned by The Crown that can be used for all Parliamentarians whilst they are in office?

    Good on the old chap for giving it a go.
  7. They're ALL a bunch of idle cnuts. Our local and MP is a fat, spinelss and useless Labour Party Line-Toer. He agree's with every piece of shite that speels out of Downing St. The Fat Pie eating Cnut probably doesn't even read any of it before saying 'Aye'.

    All these parasites should be voted out of office and made to earn a fecking living like the rest of us.
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    For what reason dod the court overturn its own £15000 fine? I don't know of a good reason. She choose not to represent herself in a court of law and was found against in her absence. More fool her.

    I hope that it is reinstanted (preferably increased) when the case is reheard.
  9. How Ann Keen voted on key issues since 2001:

    * Voted against a transparent Parliament.
    * Voted for introducing a smoking ban.
    * Voted for introducing ID cards.
    * Voted for introducing foundation hospitals.
    * Voted for introducing student top-up fees.
    * Voted for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
    * Voted for the Iraq war.
    * Voted against investigating the Iraq war.
    * Voted for replacing Trident.
    * Voted for the hunting ban.
    * Voted for equal gay rights.

    So lets condense this. Ann Keen is a:

    A secretive, non-smoking, closet capitalist who wants to control the population by the use of an unproven biometric card system. She is a keen supporter of populist stands on "issues"; she is also OK with illegal wars and the UK having WMD.

    Mixed up bitch!

    However to a more important issue. The link to the Daily Vile article has a readers comment by:

    Sir Courtney Bigguns, LITTLE SNORING-ON-SEA, East Sussex (in the dictatorship of Great Britain), 04/2/2009 07:26

    Flashy - was that you?
  10. any MP of whatever colour is not worth there pay or seat if they mindlessly vote with there party.
    They are not supposued to be drones
  11. Blimey - not much work for £600,000.
  12. Given the state of some parts of the area, she wants fcuking shooting not fining!
  13. How long before the corrupt barstards table a act that protects them from prosecution?
    Not one of the gravy swilling cnuts can be trusted.
  14. But the allegations will fuel constituents' disquiet over her performance in the marginal London seat, which she holds by 4,411 votes.

    She knows that she is one of the many Liarbour MP's that will be unemployed come the next election. She is feathering her nest before the chop.
    I wonder how many others are doing the same?
    Good drills by the old soldier. It sounds like he faced a lot tougher opposition in Holland.
    BTW, has she got a face you would love to hit..or what?
  15. Yep... might give a few more folks the backbone to sue Nu Liabore MP's. Maybe we should all start a Class action against 2-Jaggs for all the pies he has eaten over the years. The more pies he eats, means the fewer pies for me to eat!!!

    But there is a serious side to this action. If the lawyer who is representing Mr Tayor, then there must be some grounds for doing so. It probably won't succeed as Nuews Liebore will probably retain the services of some smarmy high-powered city type law firm to represent their MP. (Mrs Cruella De-ville??)

    Anway, I wish Mr Taylor good luck. Even if it gives a bit more adverse publicity to all Gollum's Slimey Cabinet Colleagues.... :p