Old Soldier research

I thought you guys might be worth a try ..a visit to the national archives is out of the question for me at the moment.
I am researching my grandfather, William Pattison Barsby born 1888 in Bethnal Green and died in Westminister in the mid 1950's.

He seems to have been tied to the military most of his life.

1911 Census has him with lst batt. Cameronians (Scottish rifles) in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State, South Africa.

Previous to this the battalion was in India and afterwards returned to Glasgow. I don't have any records for his activities at all and he may have joined as a boy soldier as he came from an impoverished background.

He seems to have left the army , but rejoined in the RAMC during the first weeks of
WW1 serving in France and amazingly surviving to the end of the war when he stayed on in the Army, moving to Singapore with his wife and my then infant father, later having 2 more sons.

At some point he was either seconded or transferred to the Malay Straits Police and returned to the UK in the early 1930's for his wife's health..she ended up outliving him by nearly 40 years!! What he did next is something of a mystery, but by the start of WW2 he was certainly back in uniform again as an ARP. Perhaps if someone has time to kill they could see what they could dig up.
Its not necassary to visit the NA, you can do most of the research on line. Miltary records are searcheable at ancestry.co.uk, where you will find at least his medal card, that will give you his army number which I think you will find is 5623 if its the right bloke.

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