Old soldier found hiding after 60+ years

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Run_Charlie!, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Such a shame for the old lad, it is a shame that they felt it better to hide him away rather than get him help. But different times and all that. Hopefully he'll get the full support he needs for the rest of his life.

    Although he must have a remarkable constitution to be this age.

    (PS. Shouldn't there be warnings for links to the Mirror? I don't like reading it in anyform, to be honest, thanks to their delightful piece on Iraqi prisoner abuse a few years ago. It is always the first rag I reach for when I need to mop something up.)
  2. A very sad story. People may say its disgusting to happen in this day & age etc. But this poor chap probally did,nt know about the help available to him & because of the horror he experienced on the railway did,nt want help & became a recluse. Lets now hope he gets a good standard of care for his final years. My heart goes out to him & I wish him a speedy recovery.

    Regards LT.
  3. Sorry, but I thought the article was worth posting about
  4. My grand-father was a prisoner of the Japs during the same time and worked on that railway system. I think it is a perfect time for the Japs to make an open and full apology to all those lost and also those obviously still suffering at their murderous hands.

    Evil evil little men.
  5. A sad story and a rare bit of publicity for Combat Stress, one of the lesser known forces charities.

    More information on their good work HERE
  6. The worst thing is the the bloody Japs refuse to compensate. I know its late, but some sort of formal apology could go a long way. for those intersted, here is a link about Japs refusing to accept war crimes

  7. How tragic. Makes your own problems pale into insignificance.
  8. I'm not blaming anyone but I hope the MoD is going to give him 60 years pension (with associated interest). He should be spoilt rotten for the what remains of his life.
  9. I'll second that, he deserves no less.
  10. really humbles you...

    best wishes to that man.
  11. This story has really upset me, but thank you for posting it.
    I can only hope the gentleman concerned is now receiving the medical care he deserves.

    Thank goodness there are a few people working to ensure that ex-servicemen and women do not slip through the social care net
  12. One man I drink with will tell how his father used to shudder when ever the jap was brought up as a subject. My own father used to shudder when he told tales of his time in Burma.
    I also drink witha 86 year old vet from thoes days. He now has at least one good Japanese friend, however sometimes when we two old lads talk he too shudders on the subject of jap and on one occasion he gripped my hand and said
    'You know John in war there are things grown men should not have to see'.
    My deepest sympathy for the old lad, now all alone.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Perhaps we can try to ensure he knows he's not alone, if anyone from Combat Stress can give a central address maybe a letter or two from serving and ex sldrs could get through to him in the time he has left.
    Letters of support rather than sympathy of course.
  14. Such a shame this guy (and his family) had to suffer through 60years of pain and anguish without anyones help.

    Puts all our problems into context really...