Old soldier denied food

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by light_projector, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Link

    You certainly do, Sir.
  2. I think the title is aimed at getting the Outrage bus out of the MT.

    Think the title should be "If you don't like it, lump it."
  3. Miserable old tw@t. Once again, a tedious forces link dragged to the front of a non-story. If he liked war time rations so much, they should deliver a box of boil in the bag compo to his door and let him crack on.
  4. The pub in question, is about 2 miles away from where I live. Its situated within 100 yards of the old Tiverton TA Centre (Now ACF), the address in case anyone would like to contact them, all give them a ring is:-

    The Racehorse
    Wellbrook Street, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 5JW
    01884 252606

    I have been looking for email contact details, but at the moment can't find any.
  5. Why would we want to contact them?
  6. And say what? This is such a non-story. Would anyone give a toss if he was a retired postman, and not an old soldier? Start the Outrage Bus, an old soldier has not been given cordon bleu Sunday lunch. Big f*cking wow.

  7. and, unless I am very much mistaken, the pub has the right to to refuse service. If its that bad then why would he want to eat their food anyway?
  8. Grumpy old tosser! Regardless of whether he was previously in the forces or not, if it was that bad for such a long period of time then why carry on receiving it?
  9. He has the right to complain, and did so.
    The pub had enough and said thanks but no thanks.ENDEX

    Phantom is right, if he doesn't like it then why continue to eat it especially if he is paying.
    He just likes complaining, it keeps him happy. His family should find him another place to eat if he is too doddery/can't be bothered to do so.
  10. Some of the descriptions of house describes the food are hilarious!
  11. He makes Victor Meldrew sound laid back to me. What a complete non-story all round, and only here courtesy of the fact that he served 60+ years ago - I bet he was a great laugh to be around even then.

    To quote some of the article;

    He claimed some meat was "like old boots"; the gravy "tasted like trench water"; the peas were "like bullets"; the stuffing was "like cotton wool"; and the carrots were "limp and floppy".

    He said: "War rations were better than the food they were serving. I was in the army and the military grub had more taste. I have a right to complain if I am unhappy."

    Perhaps if he had refrained from eating the other peoples kit, ammunition and medical supplies he may have had more sympathy in here. Anyway, lets see what culinary delights he will get delivered to his door now for the tidy sum of £4.50
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Dunno of many places you can get a Sunday lunch for £4.50,let alone having it delivered!And considering the pub is doing over 400 of them a week,of course it's going to be more like canteen food than a pub resturant catering for 100.
    He shouls be grateful for what he got.Many OAP's dont even get that.
    As said before,a non story on a slow news day.
  13. So, in fact it isn't "Old soldier denied food"


    "Old soldier doesn't like the food he purchased and is at liberty to take his custom elsewhere"

    So erm what's the story? I don't quite get the point....
  14. OK, the point (of posting - not the article) being old (and all) soldiers have the God given right to complain about their food - its when they stop that you need to worry: :D
  15. Is this another case of PAYD gone wrong?