Old Soldier Attacked

I've just seen a report on local ITV evening news.
An old soldier, veteran of Dunkirk and Normandy Landings
Parking his car last eveining ,got out of his vehicle and mugged for a few pounds .
Just to add insult to his injuries, the lowlife scumbag who did this also ripped off this guys Normandy Veterans Blazer, and made off with it.

Jeez , the guy is 85 in two weeks and some drugged up wnaker could of killed him for a BLAZER!!!
Some sort of world we are living in

Sorry no links available yet.
Hope this scumbag is found and hanged
Seen it myself on Points West. Disgraceful.

Luckily the Royal British Legion will be presenting the gentleman with a new Veterans Badge on Friday according to the report.

I hope they find the scum who did this and send him up a beach with a couple of guys firing GPMGs at him and he how far he gets.
GREAT Britain...............

My arrse!
Personnally i'd get a bty of MLRS
and get the drug addled tw@t in the centre of the drop-zone.
Lets see the junkie try and do the same again after a bit of payback.
Yes i'm a really cuddly and friendly type of bloke.
But these sort of things make my blood boil :evil:
Gobsmacked................... We are on a slippery slope. When o when will we get a justice system with balls. I can honestly say if I EVER see ANYTHING like THAT happen I would personally kill the cnut with my bare hands very slowly..... These type of scum sicken me to the very pit of my stomach.

Best wishes to the old boy & I hope he recovers quickly.

Would have loved to see him try to rob a Bootneck or a Para of his favourite jacket.
I sincerely hope that this old soldier doesn't succumb to a heart attack or a stroke like a lot of elderly victims of crime. I'm glad that the RBL are aware and involved - he deserves to be taken care of.
Hope they catch the F***er and give him a good kicking. The gent must be wondering why he bothered fighting if this is how it turned out.
want to complain to someone important but dont know who and I dont think the powers that be are really bothered about One OLD GUY WHO FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY any ideas???
Makes the old claret boil, does'nt it! Any sign of Plod following up or is it not a racially aggravated attack? Also I see Plod are to investigate Neue Arbeit over the "Cash for Peerages" scandal. Any chance of a follow up for high treason, then public hanging, drawing and quartering?
MSI64 said:
want to complain to someone important but dont know who and I dont think the powers that be are really bothered about One OLD GUY WHO FOUGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY any ideas???
This is the link to theStory


This should guide you to your local MP


If nothing else you should get a reply off MP and make MP earn a thousandth of what he/she is paid to get head down in the Commons.
Thanks for the link just wrote a letter to my MP
What's the betting this scrote will try and counter sue Mr Barry for assault?

Should be having a stool kicked out from under his feet
Yep i support the death penalty, yes it is a deterrent, especially for drug related crimes.
On a broadly similar theme, I did hear a story a few years back regarding a fallschirmjaeger veteran living in London, who had been approached by a young man armed with bad langauge, and a cosh, who'd demanded the old boys wallet.

Apparently he got the fright of his life when the old boy whipped out his gravity knife and lunged at him. According to legend, the young lad legged it.

Again, could be jackanory, but I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping it's true!
I hope Mr Barry is doing O.K. Mind you if they DO arrest the cowardly tosser (and that's all he is,a coward!) he'll,thanks to our harsh justice system, get 20 hour's community service (of which he'el do about 2!) Fined £10.50 & claim legal aid to sue the brave Mr Barry for assault!
Oh what a 'Great' vision of bLairs Britain for the year 2006!
Hopefully his identity will be realeased and maybe a few lads can "educate" him.

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