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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jphil03, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I am joining up soon enough and I have a quick question about my service number.
    I have taken the oath and I was given my service number then. This was my previous service number when I was a RM recruit. When I was leaving the marines, JPA was just coming into place at Lypmstone.
    At my oath, I was told that my service number might change when I arrive at basic training. Just asking if anyone would know for definite.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Am I correct to assume that you are joining the army this time?

    If so, then I am reasonably sure that you will receive a new service number for the army, as your number which you received whilst serving RM is (obviously :oops: ) issued by the navy.
  3. Yes I am joining the army this time. This is what I assumed as well, but on a letter I have received it says; Your army number is --------(old RM recruit number). Please memorise this before your enlistment.

    It just confuses me :roll:
  4. was it a 300 number ?
  5. No it was a P0 number, I was leaving as 300 was coming into play as was JPA.
  6. Without wanting to state the obvious, I'm going to state the obvious, that isn't an Army number. My guess is you'll end up with a 300 number.
  7. i joined after working with the cadets as an instrustor, and i have kept my number which begins with a C and 5 numbers, great when keep getting asked about it its an arse ache
  8. You're a fcuking liar or this is a WAH!
  9. That's how JPA works - he or she will keep the cadet number with a -2 at the end to denote his reg assignment - good innit!

    the thread starter may or may not get his P0 number back, again with a -2.

    It is no longer known as an "army number" just employee number!


  10. That is ******* amazing if its true, the CFAV service number is for civillians.
  11. Thanks for the info. I will find out on monday.
  12. Welcome to the spartan generation ;)
  13. Wont be spartans for too much longer, theres muckers coming through with 3009**** numbers at the minute.
  14. What was the actual, or stated, reason for starting in with 3000.... numbers? The old number was eight-digit, meaning that it took them from the inception (whenever that was) to Feb 1966 to issue me with a 2406**** number, which indicated that at least 24 milligan plus squaddies had gone before. So it's not likely that they were going to come to the end of the lollipop anytime soon, is it?

    Puzzled of Clacton-on-Sea