Old Second World War stuff in the Loft

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by WannabeWorker, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Upon going through old boxes in my parents loft, I happened upon a large amount of WW2 memorabilia, in particular stuff to do with the RMP. My grandfather was stationed in Italy when they decided they would be glory supporters and come back on our side. Hence most of it is to do with Italy.

    I also have a few German medals which he aquired whilst out there.

    Also have a load of military Newspapers from the time still in excellent condition just a bit discoloured. Some intersting reads especially the VE and VJ day editions.

    On top of that I've also got my other grandads RAF stuff. Diaries, flying hat etc.

    with exception of the RAF stuff which looks good on a hatstand, any suggestions on what I should do with this stuff?
  2. How about his Regimental Museum?
  3. Scuse my ignorance with military mueseums. How does it work? Do they put his name next to it if they exhibit the stuff? or does it just go in to the ether never to be remembered?
  4. The advantage about museums is that the bits get properly conserved.
    If the documents are unusual or in good condition or the museum doesn't have a suitable example, then they may well go on display.

    The more 'common' documents will probably either go into the archive to be available for study, or into the library/reading room system, more immediately accessable for study (in each case, either individually or as a collection).

    If you donate the items to the museum, I'm sure you can negotiate his name on the label (eg: small print "gift of xyz" etc.), no chance if you sell them.

    If the kit is fairly common with nothing destinctive, it's likely to go into the musum store - if it's in robust' condition, it may go into the 'handlng' collection (the stuff school parties get to pass around).

    Just my guess

  5. Unless the stuff has some special significance or interest, it will probably never see the light of day if you donate it to a museum.

    I'd keep it. After all, this is your own personal family / military history after all....
  6. Nice one mate, its nice to learn what a family member sacrificed during the war.
    What about Antiques Roadshow? fckin love to be an evaluer on there, I'd walk up to some old dear with her bleedin majolica vase and say.. my goodness madam do you know how much its worth???
    F#CK ALL! :twisted:
  7. surely it would be more fun as an evaluer to knock over a priceless vase?!?! Insurance!
  8. Hehe I remember some old Tw#t doing that on one of the older shows was rather funny.
    Although my fav was not on that show but on blue peter when mark curry was showing off some world record lego thing a head or something made of lego and the Cnut dropped it :slow:
  9. I remember as a kid my parents trying to flog an old toy. It was an Emergency Ward Ten playset, or something like that. anyway to cut a long story short after lots and lots of bartering they sold it too this guy for £100 at an antiques show. by all accounts my parents wern't overly thrilled at the amount it was worth but back then £100 was a lot so it wasn't to be sbiffed at. (they were hoping for more like £150 i think).
    Anyway the following week the Antiques Roadshow did a Kids special and lo what appeared but the same toy but in slightly better condition. They valued it at............£25!!

    that made my mum smile!!
  10. Whatever you do, don't give it to the RMP Museum. You may as well have just thrown in the bin if you do. It'll be shoved in a box and left in the back of a cupboard. They'll not credit your relative either. If you want shot of it, look for a dealer who specialises in that sort of thing. You may or may not make a couple of quid. FFS though, do not give it to the RMP Museum. It'll be wasted.
  11. Biscuits is bitter because he was donated to the RMP museum a few years ago and is still in his box!!
  12. You need to get back into yours Sonny Jim, before you get slapped down.
  13. Try the Imperial War Museum. Downside - it may never go on show. Upside - it will be cared for properly and always be available to serious scholars.

    Medals - get them identified, cleaned and mounted in a display box and hand them in your front room
  14. Lovely story from a few years ago.

    The ex had to put her aged Aunt into a long-stay residential home. When it became clear the old dear wasn't going to come out, they started clearing out the contents of her own home.
    Under the stairs they found a beautifully preserved WW2 pistol, complete with ammo (which turned out to be live), in a pine carry box, lined inside.
    When next visiting, they enquired of the old girl as to what it was doing under the stairs.
    She looked at them as if they were mad, and said (with emphasis) "for shooting Germans of course"!

    Incidentally, there was a ridiculous PS.
    The ex did the responsible thing and informed plod.......who came round mob-handed as if it was a terrorist siege, turning an innocent find into a huge drama (South Wales, in case you wondered).
  15. Emergency Ward Ten

    christ i remember watching that as a kid (60,s-70,s)

    the holby and casualty of its tv day..