Old Scrote

If you never ever read another on-line recipe again, then this website should be your last visit:

Old Scrote's Cookbook

Read it not just for the food ideas but the sheer quality of the observations and the humour, it is a proper blokish read. Here are two examples:

We were amazingly rude about school dinners. The kindest name we had for tinned tomatoes was failed paratroopers.
Scrote would also like to mention Adelle Davis the highly-respected american nutritionist who, despite forbidding roasting frying & grilling (because of carcinogens) and recommending that all food should be boiled in her book Let's Cook It Right, still died of cancer.

Scrote also fondly remembers another american with the answer to everything, Jim Fix the jogging guru, who forecast that (by jogging) he would live to to the age of 140. Unfortunately he dropped dead at the age of 50 from a heart attack while out running.

ARRSE doesn't write cookbooks, but if it did.......

(and before anybody gets smart-arrsed about it, yes I realise that it does now!)

Edited to add:

I should also point out that It has seriously good recipes from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, India, China. Mittle Europe and the Middle East. In fact pretty much everywhere except America and Australasia which is a great shame.

If you want a good traditional recipe it is probably on there somewhere.


A countrymans cookbook is a close to an arrsse cookbook as you can get!
Also very true, but not available on-line unfortunately!

I would recommend anyone to get a copy, but in the meantime let a bit of scroatiness into your life. :D
ugly said:
A countrymans cookbook is a close to an arrsse cookbook as you can get!
Is that "Countryman's cooking" by WMW Fowler (former RAF bomber pilot)?

If so, I have some MP3 files recorded from BBC R4, of Leslie Phillips reading from same, on Book of the Week recently.

I will upload them for download, should there be any interest.


Excellent, I can imagine Leslie Phillips and Flossie!
I realise this post is ridiculously old now however I'm desperately searching for this series with no prevail thus far.
A huge long shot I know, do you still have those mp3 files?

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