Old Scots Guards photos

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lance_corp_more_rant, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Got two photos of my late Father inlaw when he was in the Scots Guards! His name is Allan Elkington. Thought this might be of interest as part of the regimental history. Might even jog a few ancient memories!

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  2. What's with Dennis The Menace (Pic 2 - 2nd left front row)?

    Is that a SG PTI order-of-dress thing or something?

    Or was it a burglar on attachment from the Kingos?
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  3. PTI dress of the day! Rather fetching don't you think? :pr:
  4. Was he in Bee Company?
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  5. No! But I bet he could sting you! groan.
  6. Actually, "back in the day" thats' what your Regimental PTI's or "Ack I's" (Assistant Instructor) used to wear, straight up! I think they were phased-out sometime in the 70's though, can't remember the last time I saw one worn.
  7. It really was 'the look'.

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  8. They were still wearing them in Blandford as late as 82.
  9. Well that firmly puts R Sigs in its position on the kit pecking order I think.