old school vs new school?

old school v`s new school?

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if you fu*ked up at work or during training did you, get a quick dig in the face or did you have countless hours of talks telling you what a naughty boy/girl you've been?

which do you think works best?
It depended just how badly we fucked up. Repeat offenders usually ended up being twatted round the back of the head. I have always found been shouted at for ten minutes by an instructor who totally loses his rag far less effective than someone who keeps their cool and tells you to your face what you have what a fool you have been and more importantly what you should have done.
I think you're confusing 'old school' with 'inarticulate berk'; drilling a concept into a foggy brain has always been more efficiently done by clear, short and rational explanation (+ validation, of course :D), followed if necessary by rattling the teeth, but only for emphasis.
i supose it's horses for courses at the end of the day?
i used to learn from the guy twatting me in the face, i never did it again! where as i used to think the softly, softly way about things, never worked that well, as i thought, i can twist this guy round my finger.
i suppose diffrent generations and all that.
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