Old School Training - Yifter

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MunichMan, Apr 5, 2002.

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  1. :D :) ;)

    Remember Yifter the Shifter?
  2. Wasn't he a gifted athlete?
  3. i remember "Yifter The Shifter"  .  I Spent two years (85c) in Harrogate and had the pleasure of his PTI company. I recall being made to run 'round Yorkshire crags in my Army plimsoles carrying a 11ft log ..and other happy occasions such as, hang'n-off the Gym wallbars if the ironing crease on my PT shorts were'nt up to scratch ?!*!*!! hAPpY DaYs ! thanks for the memories yifter.

    "get down gimme 10"
  4. As Peter_k, also 85c, fond if not painful memories of Yifter and many other sadists at Pennypot. Scouse D, QMSI "IRONMAN" and that huge coloured dude.  Strange though!  I dont remember seeing the risk assessment for that trainazium!!   :D
  5. I know my time done is long ago, but.. risk assesments, I would have thought the only one should be to sign on or not, it would be interesting to see the risk assessment on the next "crusade" to the middle east in the near future, if it is deemed unsafe will Tony and George call it off on advice from the HSE?
  6. Ahhhhhh Yifter

    Who could forget him and all his little Hitler mates. That big fat one was called Grimes. I remember him taking us on a crags run. He had to turn back when he got to Ethelburgas. The scary one was Cpl P (modified by BadCO - no names pse). He caught me sleeping whilst on gate one night and I thought he was going to eat me. He got madder and madder cos I kept denying i'd been asleep, despite the evidence of a traffic jam at the gate and a load of slobber on me combat jacket. What did they ******* expect!! two hours in a phone booth with a big bloody radiator!!!!!!!111
  7. I remeber boxing Yiffter for speed training **** me he was that fast i thought i was surounded.  Boxed Clarky but he was slow and hard.  Clarky and Yiffter put me in with Grimesy un be-knowing to me he was an ex army heavyweight.  First few punches he said don't hold back so I burst his already well level nose.  I could'nt remeber much after my head went in four bifferent directions whilst Clarky and Yiffter were trying to pull him off me.  

    What about Cpl Steve Bovan Lineman and a Leeds Fanatic.  He was a beast master good lad though left a few years ago as a WO2. :mad:

  8. Just had to add my piece.

    I didn't go to Harroage, it only took 11 weeks to turn me into a soldier:)

    At 11 Sigs (Helles Barracks) there was a LCpl PTI who shall remain nameless.  There was a rumour that he had beasted a recruit to death.  We didn't know if this was true but by God, it put the s#*ts up us when we knew he was taking us for PT.

    By the way, had the pleasure of serving with Steve Bovan in Kosovo.  What a great guy.  He finished his 22 a couple of years ago and I believe he now lives in Harrogate.

  9. 86C intake and he was there then too. Two noteable quotes:

    "Why aren't your pumps shiney white like my teeth? Get on them wallbars"

    2nd one. Him and Cpl P (that guy was a monster, didn't he get posted to RMAS as a Sgt) were out on the trainasium with us. It's snowing and Yifter's got a thin layer on top of his Eddy Murphy cropped barnet:

    "1st one that says I look like a pint of Guiness gets beasted"

    Ahhh. Happy Days.
  10. 8O
    I also was 86C, i used to dread PT, until i had sewn in creases in my shorts?!!! Why? We had one lad who used to do a cracking impression of him in Scott Sqn, Yifter wanted to hear it, he duly did it and then spent the rest of the lesson hanging off the wall bars, poor bugger.
    Never forget doing the crag run in Senior term with webbing and medicine balls, first time i have seen so many people close to tears. Ah what fun times, thank god i'm a civvy now!
  11. Yifta!!!

    Always sounded like he had his boll**ks ina vice!! He walked in on one of the lads doin an impression and yep you guessed it had him on them bars for a long time.

    Mind you the whole bunch were a load of sadistic bast*rds, Grimsey was the only voice of reason and even he was mad for it.

    QMSI was famous tho he'd been on 'Survival of the Fittest' on TV and won it if I remember rightly. Oh 84B Scott Sqn, just to date stamp it.
  12. I was 83C and I remember Yifter arriving, the rumour went round that he was a sprog so he got us on parade and made us all look at his ID card (he was a bit of a sprog).
    Does anyone remeber that old civvie who taught fencing (ex Marine). He once ordered me to go into the gym staff room and ask Grimsey if I could borrow his spear for athletics practice. Oh how I laughed as he made me jump in and out of the rope swing water. Good days but try telling that to the youngsters of today. :twisted: :twisted:
  13. I remember him well. I used to do a cracking skit of him - "touch all four corners of the universe!!". Can't remember if he caught me at it though.
    Good days

    85B, Scott Squadron
  14. undertaker i also served with steve bovan in kosovo 99. i was with tn 012 .what bout you ??? ..do you remember the incident with the albanian boy ?? at tn 011 node home ??? when he picked up a cluster bomb ??
  15. Good to see an enjoyable thread on the site again, keep it up lads. Tell the rest to stop their whinging. I remember a PTI at Catterick who was there on a temporary basis introducing himself to us 'I am lance coporal Mcleod and I replied (what I thought was under my breath) from the clan McLeod and I am immortal wrong move, he heard it, and I spent the next 40 mins wading through the Swale with an LMG above my head! not funny then but hilarious now. Glad I had to get back to the six section battle drills lesson, or I may have been in there all day.